Search Engine Optimization Basics for your Online Success

Jan 12


Ashish K Arora

Ashish K Arora

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Finally you have planned to go for a proper optimization of your site for its better popularity and ranking, it’s a great decision but the best way to...

Finally you have planned to go for a proper optimization of your site for its better popularity and ranking,Search Engine Optimization Basics for your Online Success Articles it’s a great decision but the best way to handle it is to learn the SEO basics before starting up with an optimization campaign so that your hired professional optimizers don’t cheat on you.

Here you have some of the search engine optimization basics to start up with. Simply go through them and keep a close look at your own optimization campaign even when you have hired somebody else to do your task.

SEO is no different from serving a delicious piece of cake, so first you get ready with the ingredients, prepare the thing, bake it well and garnish it properly and make it beautiful before you serve it in a elegant bone china vessel along with hot cup of espresso coffee and forget not to ask how your guests found your baking abilities!

You’ll first have to go through all the basic requirements of a perfect SEO campaign, then learn how to handle them the best, and finally include them in your campaign and once you are done with it, analyze it well and make out what went missing and what you didn’t do well.

First, know your niche properly. Do a thorough research on your business niche. How the other sites whether your competitors or friends in your niche are doing, what kind of tactics they are found to be using, who they are in terms with, and so on should be well researched. Again make out what the searchers in your niche actually look for, what they demand and how can you help your target audience to get those things. And most importantly, what will be the role of SEO in it and how you should conduct your SEO campaign to fulfill all these things.

Second, use the most important weapon of SEO – Keywords in the most appropriate manner.  This will again require you to go for an all –encompassing research to know the keywords well. Your research must include checking out what keywords are generally used by the searchers when they search for products/services or information related to your niche as well as those which are successfully used by competitors.

And once you know what keywords best suit your purpose, you need to use them properly both in your on page (optimization done right on your site/page) and off page (the one which is done indirectly) part of your campaign. Maintain its proper volume and try using the easily targetable ones in the beginning to make your campaign easier.

Third, include proper link building in your campaign. Link building is no less than the soul of your optimization efforts and what ever you think of doing you cannot miss out a proper link building from your efforts. So check out what link building efforts best suit your purpose and how you are going to handle them.

Whatever might suit your purpose, you need to take care of a few basic things like you shouldn’t just concentrate on getting do-follow links. Getting no-follow links is also important as getting both types of links at the same time looks more natural and creates a better balance. Again don’t try getting hundreds of links in a short duration rather get them in a balanced way over a scheduled period of time.

Fourth, when you are done with these basic SEO efforts, go for analyzing your efforts properly. The best way is to use some analytics tools. Analytics will help you know how your campaign went, was it well or it missed out something. You’ll know when you had more visitors and when they were lesser than what you had expected, and what efforts brought them to your site and to which page and so on.

These simple search engine optimization basics will help you lead your campaign to success getting more visibility, popularity and better ranking to your site.