Tips on gaining links to rank higher in search engines

Mar 4


Laura Jane Smith

Laura Jane Smith

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A few pointers to remember when collecting and gaining links to your website.

Building links for your site is all about relevancy in search engines. When a search engine comes to rank your website they tend to list the site that is the most relevant at the top. By relevant I mean the amount of sites linking to your website the better.  It gives the search engines a reason to trust your website the more websites that link to your website.What you ideally need is inbound links to your site; these will be from other sites that are relevant to your site. So say you had a website that sold gardening equipment. In an ideal world you would gain links from gardening related websites or gardening categories in directories. It will damage the websites reputation in search engines if you where to gain links from websites that had nothing to do with gardening,Tips on gaining links to rank higher in search engines Articles things such as food and drinks websites and other totally pointless websites.  This is definitely a key point to remember but is usually misunderstood when it comes to link building.Google for instance will respect a slow increase of links once your site is actually being ranked, you do not need to gain link hundreds of links in a short space of time. SEO (Search engine optimisation) takes time, so when you see adverts on websites offering to submit your site to 200 directories for a small fee you should never do it. For a few reasons, 1) you should never have to pay for links, 2) they could be totally irrelevant websites and what you really want to gain is good quality links. Its quality over quantity, and 3) these websites could be a con, there is no way of proving they have submitted your link to all of these directories. Many people assume that when they start a website that it will instantly be ranked in Google, this isn’t the case and it can take up to six months or so for Google to pick it up and rank it. So in this time you should really try and gain as many links as possible. Take your time and gain quality links and when Google is ready they are more likely to respond positively with six months of slow quality link building rather than 1 week of bad link building.Another thing that will help your website is the age of the links, start link building immediately. Links have more value the longer they are around so the sooner you get the links the more they will help you when it comes to ranking. Also a good thing to look at when finding sites to link to you is if they have a high page rank. You can download Google toolbar which tells you the page rank and the higher it is the more quality link you will receive.Once Google is ready to rank your website you should have a nice amount of links back to your website, after all the hard work of those months of gaining links you can then proceed to build links slowly and steadily.

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