Two Search Engine Optimization Tips You Must Have On Your Website

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When it comes to search engine optimization, It is important that you do not simply concentrate on the home page, the keywords you use and the titles. 

There are hundreds of thousands of search engine optimization tips out there; today we just want to look on two. Only two search engine optimization tips that you really must have on your site. Naturally,Guest Posting SEO (search engine optimization) and better rankings will not keep the potential customer on your site nor will it guarantee they will actually make a purchase. 

Therefore, the initial step to doing everything you can to make sales when the customer visits your site is to ensure they actually see the products they are interested in.  Provide clear and unmistakable information on all the products and services you have on offer to motivate the reader to buy from your website. The customer will be able to navigate their way around your website if you provide easy to notice links. 

Our first search engine optimization tip is that you must understand your target customer

Your website is hardly likely to be successful if you design it in a way to attract customers but you really do not have any idea who they are or what they are searching for. An on line business could be considered to be an extension or replacement storefront of a standard business.  You could ask your existing customers to complete a survey either whilst browsing your website or by forwarding them an email.  Find out about their choices and why they like your particular products or services. 

Discover whether or not your customers value your offers of discounts and coupons off and if they think your prices are consistently less than your competitors.  Do they agree that you provide accurate descriptions and how do they feel about your returns policies and guarantees compared to others? 

Ask them if your shipping costs are cheaper than other sites offering the same or similar products.  What do they think about your customer service and after care?  You can learn exactly who your customers are by checking the credit card records or by requesting that they fill out a simple form which gives their name, address and other not too personal details when they make a purchase.

Our second I search engine optimization tip is that you must have sufficient contact information on your site

Selling on line from a website affords your customers the luxury of being able to make their purchases twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and best of all they can be located anywhere in the world.  It is vital that you provide adequate contact information on your website, and these details should appear on every page, if possible. 

The contact information should include a mailing address, a landline telephone number and mobile number where appropriate, along with an email address.  There are numerous reasons why people may need to contact you which vary from questions about products or services to technical problems they may be experiencing whilst using your website. 

It is also a good idea to have emails forwarded to a second email address just in case you do not get to check the website inbox on a regular basis.  Make sure the customer is aware of the methods of payment you accept for goods they order, such as credit cards, PayPal or other on line payment systems.

In conclusion before you get yourself confused and with all the other hundreds of thousands of search engine optimization tips, why not start with the above two.

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