Why Facebook Dark Posts are keys to facebook healthcare marketing 2016?

Jul 25


Garvita Sharma

Garvita Sharma

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Facebook dark post is a new technique to advertise your product or service to your target audience.


Facebook dark posts? Sounds somewhat evil in nature? It’s not,Why Facebook Dark Posts are keys to facebook healthcare marketing 2016? Articles Facebook dark post are a new way to show your advertisement on facebook to your potential patients. It is a new feature of facebook advertisement ecosystem which helps you to target different potential patients using different targeting options. So what is new in this feature?  What actually is a facebook dark post? How it will help you?

Why Facebook Dark post?

This article will answer all your questions about facebook dark post. Keep reading. Facebook Dark Post are known as Dark post because of a specific reason. When you normally run your facebook Advertisement , you create your Advertisement and target your ad on the basis of age, gender, demography etc which get published on your facebook timeline and if you want to run different ads for different type of patients you have to publish all your ads on your facebook page timeline which fills your facebook timeline with your sponsored ads which  actually doesn't look good from an audience perspective and give a bad experience to your potential patients.Therefore to avoid this problem of advertisers, Facebook brings the dark post feature in its advertisement platforms by introducing Facebook Dark Post.

What is Facebook Dark post?

#Unpublished Post

So now, what is facebook dark posts? Dark posts of facebook are called dark post because they are unpublished post i.e these facebook dark post are not published on your timeline but they are visible to your target audience as sponsored ads. the purpose of these dark post is 100% promotional which helps in showing less sponsored ads on your facebook timeline. One of the benefits of facebook dark post is that you can target your potential patients by keyword which is one of the strong methods to reach your target audience.

What are the advantages of Facebook Dark post?

#Run Multiple Micro-Campaigns

You don’t know actually what will work best for your campaign if you don’t rely yourself on the data which you will gather by facebook Ads. Therefore it is very important to run multiple micro-campaigns so you can optimize your content according to your patients content demand, behavior, and interest. You don’t need to spent a lot on these micro campaigns, start with a small budget and learn about your facebook fans more and personalize your message which they can consume easily.

#Ad content testing

Now, using facebook dark post you can target different segments of your audience by using different headlines and ad copy in your advertisement without actually filling your facebook page timeline with ads. Using the data you gathered about how they are reacting to your ad  advertisement content, you can publish these post and similar posts on your timeline later. Now it is much easier to create an ad with variations in headlines, ad copies, and images while targeting ads on different interests and keywords.

#Targeted post

The new facebook dark post allows you to target different segments of your facebook fans without going in front of public. Whether you are targeting patients of asthma or skin treatments, you can show them ads based on their interests without disturbing other facebook fans who don’t want that information. This saves your money and brand too from getting dislikes on facebook.

So, you now have a unique and new tool on Facebook Ads which can help you in standing out from the crowd and will give you the attention you deserve. If you still have doubts regarding what are facebook dark post and how to use them, you can contact us. We are a digital marketing agency in Delhi and helping many doctors and clinics in marketing them online.