Mastering Yahoo's Directory: A Strategic Guide for Internet Marketers

Apr 12


David Callan

David Callan

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In the digital marketing realm, securing a spot in Yahoo's directory is a pivotal step for any internet marketer. Yahoo, while not a traditional search engine, operates as a human-curated directory of websites, which can significantly influence online traffic. Despite common misconceptions, Yahoo is not the largest search engine; however, it plays a crucial role in directing internet searches. Recent data suggests that Yahoo garners a substantial share of search engine traffic, with estimates indicating that it captures around 40% of all search engine traffic online. This means that nearly half of internet users conducting searches may be using Yahoo, highlighting the importance of being listed in its directory for any website owner.

The Importance of Yahoo's Directory

Yahoo's directory can be a goldmine for internet marketers. If your website isn't listed in Yahoo's index,Mastering Yahoo's Directory: A Strategic Guide for Internet Marketers Articles you could be missing out on a significant number of potential customers. It's important to note that being listed under webpages in Yahoo's search results doesn't mean you're in the Yahoo index; it means you're listed with Google, as Yahoo sources webpage results from Google. The traffic Yahoo can direct to your site, even with an average listing, could translate into substantial revenue.

Commercial vs. Noncommercial Submissions

Before submitting your site to Yahoo, you must determine whether your site is commercial or noncommercial. Commercial sites must use the "Business Express" submission, which guarantees a review within seven days but does not guarantee acceptance. The cost for "Business Express" has increased from $199 to $299 per year. If rejected, Yahoo allows an appeal within 30 days, often providing reasons for rejection to help you improve and resubmit your site.

Noncommercial sites can still submit for free, but reviews can take up to eight weeks or may not occur at all. Ensure your site is fully operational, aesthetically pleasing, quick to load, and content-rich before submission.

Optimizing Your Submission

When submitting to Yahoo, consider these four key areas that determine search results:

  1. Category
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. URL

These factors are sorted by relevance using an automated algorithm. For category selection, it's beneficial to choose a specific category with keywords relevant to your site. This can improve your site's visibility in search results. If your business name starts with an alphabetically high character, you might also consider a general high-level category for potential traffic gains.

Your title should be your official business or website name, as Yahoo requires authenticity in submissions. Short, concise titles are favored, as they are less likely to be edited. For descriptions, include your main keywords and keep it factual and appealing without exaggeration. The ideal description length is 10-15 words.

Domain Name Strategy

Choosing a domain name with your main keyword can be advantageous, and using hyphens can improve your ranking due to Yahoo's algorithm preference. However, avoid excessively long domain names, as they may be frowned upon by reviewers.

Additional Tips for Success

  • Include an "About Us" page with honest descriptions and a physical address.
  • Do not spam Yahoo with frequent submissions; wait at least 2-3 months between attempts.


Securing a listing in Yahoo's directory is a strategic move for any internet marketer. By understanding the nuances of Yahoo's submission process and optimizing your site accordingly, you can increase your chances of driving significant traffic and revenue through this powerful directory.

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Article inspired by David Callan's original piece on Yahoo directory submissions.