How to Market a Website by Commenting and Discussions on Other Blogs.

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This article explains how to market a website by commenting and discussions on other blogs. It covers the following information: finding blogs and groups, comment posting.

There have been many questions about how to find the best blogs to start your commenting strategy! Before I start showing a few of the ways you can,Guest Posting I want to reiterate one very specific thing… Do not Spam other Blogs with Comments! You will do nothing more than have your comments deleted and may even piss off the site owner. One way or another, it is nothing more than wasting your own time… and as we all know, time is the one thing we do not want to waste!


In order to work out your own best strategy… its important to understand WHY you want to comment on other blogs. The purpose of a blog in the first place is to build a community a readers who are all interested in that same topic. By finding related blogs and joining in their discussions, you will start building a community of your own as the visitors of their site, are likely to be the same target of your own. As long as you are true to the discussion and provide topic related comments, your own readership and traffic will increase as well!


There are several ways you can go about finding the right blogs to join discussions. One way, is to just use the Google blog search! Head over and search for a few of your tags or keywords in your post and Google will return a list of blog posts on the topic! You have the option of narrowing them down to recent posts… or just about as far back as you want to go.


For visitors, I will choose to limit the results to posts in the last 24 hours… this will return a group of results that are recently published and most likely to send traffic to my own post on the topic.


On the dark side of this… If an older post has pagerank, the site has authority, and the blog participates in using Do Follow links on their comments, you can gain quite a bit of authority of your own by adding a comment to the post, as long as the site owner still approves comments on older posts.


Purely hypothetically speaking, if I wanted to increase my own site authority, I could go through the OLDER posts and with a few extra steps, choose only those that are allowing do-follow in their comments. By submitting to these… I am more likely to increase my own site authority quicker. Firefox even has an SEO plugin that will highlight the nofollow links for you so you know immediately if a site uses sends juice to yours or not.


Hypothetically… If I really want to get the most of dofollow blogs, I could post on older posts with existing authority. As soon as I see my comment live on the site, I could then add the link to that post to my own social bookmarking accounts and update them. Taking it one step farther… I could ping my own bookmark pages to update services, telling Google and other search engines that my page has been updated. They come to my page and follow the links to those pages that contain my do follow link, follow those links to my site pages, thus getting immediate indexing. BUT… this is purely hypothetical.


This article explained how to market a website by commenting and discussions on other blogs. It covered the following information: finding blogs and groups, comment posting.

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