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25 years later the Devil gets her due...

For those who don’t know (or couldn‘t surmise from the title),Guest Posting The New Devil in Miss Jones (at is a remake of the classic adult film The Devil in Miss Jones. Maybe that’s why this film is so good. I never saw the original, but if this remake is a faithful copy of the original scene-for-scene, I can see what made the original Devil a classic. The idea behind the movie is that good.

The premise of this particular movie is that a woman (Miss Jones, of course) - played by Savanna Samson - gets the chance to live the last day of her life over; along with all the mistakes, second-chances, wishful fantasies, and regrets that that do-over entails. Jenna Jameson plays the devil who gives her that chance.

This is one adult movie you will find yourself watching over a second time just for the plot and not for the sex. The reason for this is two-fold:

1. The plot is very engaging for a skin-flick; and2. You have to watch it a second time for the story to make sense. That’s just my opinion.

When I watched The New Devil in Miss Jones the first time, the plot made no sense at all. And this was given the fact that I knew partially what the premise of the movie was going in (namely, I knew that a woman called Miss Jones had a second chance to live her life filled with lust and passion). You know that feeling you get when you start watching a 2-hour movie one hour or so into it? Or watching the sequel to a movie before you watch the very necessary prequel? That’s how I felt when I started to watch this movie and through most of it: completely lost on the plot points, like someone had dropped me into the middle of the story. Yet I knew I’d been watching the movie since the beginning, and there was no prequel to this movie.

However,just when you begin to chalk up the plot to some artistic nonsense that the script-writer thought up, a collection of story elements that you can’t comprehend when you string them together, the story starts to make sense during the latter part of New Devil. So if you’re trying to understand the plot during the first part of the movie, hang in there.

But even when the story made no sense to me, I was still set to give the movie an enthusiastic recommendation (4 out of 5 stars) - not necessarily a top one (5 out of 5) - based on the sex alone. The anticipation - from all that I’d heard - of the Devil in Miss Jones story and this story’s failure (in my own mind, up until that point) only served to detract a little from the overall movie. The sex is great.

The best sex scene is the last one. Now for classification purposes, the New Devil DVD splits this sequence into two separate trysts. But when I saw it, it was hard to tell where one ended and the next one began. The scenes follow closely on the heels of one another, and they take place in the same setting and atmosphere.

The scene(s) is/are basically set in a red-lit Miss Jones‘ house. Now, usually I think sex scenes in a room with red lighting is a little cheesy, but somehow the scene seems to work here. I think it’s because red is (a lot of people consider) the devil’s color. And besides the lighting makes the scene really look decadent and depraved, which is in keeping with the theme of the movie: good, wholesome girl gone very bad.

The sequence starts out as an orgy romp with a lot of BDSM (including a gimmick with hypodermic needles that made me turn my head away squeemishly) and pares down to just Samson and her two boy-toys. I can’t really describe to you exactly what goes on (it is hard to see in this light) but like I said, the entire sequence is hot. And I didn’t really understand the whole thing with the snakes; I think the concept might have been taken from the original Devil in Miss Jones. But what the hey? That part is hot too.

The first sex scene is a gangbang where Vicky Vette gets done by four guys on top of a garbage dumpster while about a half dozen or so other naked guys watch with dicks in hand (you know, your basic run-of-the-mill stuff :)). The guys (those participating) lick, suck, stroke, analize, and cum all over her and her bountiful boobs. This scene is just plain filthy in a very, very good way and is the kind of sex men dream about.

Samson has a boy-girl scene, where she does anal, with Nick Manning in and out of a pool. She also has a lesbian scene with Jameson (I bet you saw that coming). Both scenes are solid and equally good.

There are a couple of dungeon sex scenes in The New Devil in Miss Jones. There’s one in which Jameson takes a strap-on to the young Rachel Rotten (whose name seems fitting for this feature film). In the other scene, Angelica Sin (another appropriate moniker) and Roxanne Hall tie up Dick Smothers, Jr - the male lead in Devil - and make him watch as they fuck/lick the shit out of each other. Not being able to be part of the Sin - Hall pussy-petting party? Now that’s torture...

Just a note, for a while now I’ve thought that Jameson has a man’s spirit trapped inside a starlet’s body. She only does other girls (and her husband) on camera, and she fucks like alpha-males do. She stands her sex partners on their hands, she makes them flip their legs over their heads in the pile-driver position, etc, all in the name of eating pussy and tossing salad. Her sexual performance is not an issue in New Devil.

When it comes to the portrayal of the devil, Jameson isn’t a great actor, but she definitely looks the part. First of all, she’s always had that conceited, walk-into-the-room-and-all-eyes-on-me strut. Secondly, like I intimated before, she’s got the whole carnal, I-will-consume-you-in-bed thing going for her. Plus her eyebrows have that cunning/evil/knowing look about them (which they’ve always had anyway), and she wears red (duh) a lot in the film.

As for the portrayals of other major players in New Devil, I thought Georgina Spelvin - the original Ms. Jones, by the way - turned in an excellent performance. Smothers was also very good. On the other hand, even though Sampson was nominated in the category of Best Actress in a Film for the upcoming AVN awards (which is a topic for a future entry), I didn’t think her acting was that good. That is, up until the very end sequence (which I wouldn‘t dare give away).

But, to reiterate, The New Devil in Miss Jones has very good sex and one of the best plots I’ve seen in a porno movie since The Masseuse. Incidentally, Jenna Jameson appears in - and won an award for - a remake (which came out last year) of that movie also.

Speak of the devil...

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