Bot Nets - Growing Threat - Internet Security Suite Software Review - Protect From Bot Nets

Jul 21


Richard Seng

Richard Seng

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Bot Nets are growing threat to our computers and national security. Find out what Bot Nets are and how to protect your computer.


The growing problem of “Bot nets”.

Criminals have learned how to use your computer to take control of thousands of other computers in order to spread and execute malicious tasks on unprotected computers. The method they using to spread these viruses and malicious code is through what is now called “Bot nets”

Botnets,Bot Nets - Growing Threat - Internet Security Suite Software Review - Protect From Bot Nets Articles which can be a network of millions of computers, can dispense and spread viruses, spam e-mail, commit fraud and attack other computers and servers.

"Bot nets" are designed to damage personal computers. Bot nets are made by inserting malicious code or software into many different spam e-mails and websites. When a PC user is contaminated they are immediately under the power of someone called a bot herder.

A bot herder is a secret hacker who can be in charge of up to a million and a half contaminated computers and uses the computers they now have control of, to begin attacks all at once to other computers.

This is a very serious problem. The FBI says that this problem is so serious, they consider this a threat to national security, a threat to the economy and to the national data inftrastructure.

Guarding your PC from Botnets

These bot herders are scanning for unprotected PCs that may not have a firewall or antivirus installed. Your best protection to prevent Botnets is to make sure your PC is protected with a personal firewall program, antivirus and antispyware program. In addition, always keep your anti-virus software and firewall up to date for maximum protection.

Is your computer already infected?

Signs and symptons you may have a virus or botnet on your computer: 1. Your computer seems to be operating slow

2. Unexpected boxes pop up or is displaying mysterious messages.

These viruses usually do not disable your computer, because zombie computers must be plugged in and connected to the Internet in order for the botnet to work.

5 ways to help keep your computer from becoming a zombie.

1. Make sure you use a personal firewall software.

2. Keep your computer system up to date

3. Install an antivirus software

4. Use a recommended antispyware program

5. Never open attachments you are not sure about.

Top 3 internet security software programs

1. Norton 360

2. Zone Alarm Intenet Security

3. PC Security Shield