Explore Security in your home, offices or parties by Secura Security

Apr 3


Nandni Sharma

Nandni Sharma

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This article tells us the common types of security guards services offered by Secura. Second para of article contains the information about joining process of security guards.


Secura Security: Trusted name in training,Explore Security in your home, offices or parties by Secura Security Articles jobs & skill development. We provide our clients with professionally skilled security manpower at various levels. Our training program and security service are aimed at preparing well disciplined and responsible security professionals. We also provide guards/PSO/ Bodyguard/female security guards for clubs, concerts, bars, restaurants, malls etc. Nowadays, the demand of security guards is extremely high in all over the world. If you want to become a security guard, then there are lots of resources available online. Our aim is to make things are efficient and as easy as possible for you to follow. We provide commercial & residential security solutions at very low cost. Our world-class solution makes your life safer and more convenient. The actual role of a security officer is to protect the location and people within the specific area. Our best services include:


Armed Security Guards: Our Armed guards are well trained and have become a ubiquitous presence in modern life. To become this, you must complete additional hours of training that specialized in firearm handling and safety. After completing this training, you will get legally card that allows you to carry a firearm while on duty.


Unarmed Security Guards: Our unarmed security officers are proficient and able to face critical situations. An unarmed security officer performs the function of detection, observation, reporting and more.


Close Protection Officers: Close protection officer is a type of bodyguard or security guard who protects a person or people in the crowd and they are able to handle such kind of situations: Kidnapping, harassment, loss, assault etc.


Escort Security Officers: Secura offers professional escort security guard service, male/female escort security officers. We specialize in different areas of security. This field requires expert communication. Escort service requires trained security officers, bouncers, close protection officers, bodyguards, the gunman that maintain the toughest situation.


Executive Security Officers: Executive security officers helps to overcome the physical or financial loss. With us, you will get a high level of executive security guards.

Female Security Officers: We offers trained female security guard officers for Metro, mall, clubs, late night parties, Restaurants, Banks, hotels etc. Our female guards are well equipped and able to handle all kind of critical situations.

Joining Process: Every bodyguard, personal security officers, armed/unarmed guards, female security guards is hired after complete verification, total experience certificate, validation of all documents. We provide specialized service in regards to security.


In case, you have requirement of Security Guards in Delhi, feel free to contact us: 9958963335