Core Training Has Nothing To Do With A Six Pack

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Just because you have a six pack does not mean that you can kick butt on the cout - a good core conditioning program does. Do NOT confuse the two!

So you want the end result of your core training program to be a six pack that you can show off on the beach - well think again!

Depending on your sport which will dictate slight variations in the exercises you perform,Guest Posting the main focus of your core training program will be to provide added stability to your movements and/or to add extra power transfer from the lower body to the upper body (or visa versa).

Let's look at the sport of tennis, the ultimate aim for my training programs for my players is that they increase the racket head speed on all of their shots (added power) as well as having more stability and balance to help with shots that are either hit very hard and/or hit away from them thus causing balance issues during shot execution or after the shot in terms of recovery.



Just as any decent core training program has nothing to do with a succession of sit ups, a six pack has nothing to do with the exercises you perform.

A six pack is all about reducing the body fat around the abdominal area and so is really all about your nutrition!

Although the six pack has become the no 1 desirable object for the male of today and the number 1 buzz word in all of the fitness magazines and media, the reality is that it is no indication of core strength and stability let alone any indicator of sports performance!

The fact remains that you need to decide what you want - is it the look good on the beach look OR the holding up the trophy om finals day look, because the first certainly is nothing to do with the second!

Hang on, I can hear lots of you saying that there are many sports people who have the desirable 6-pack who are World Class elite performers but that is primarily down to good nutritional habits as they realise that for the most part high levels of body fat are detrimental to sports performance.

Yes a good core conditioning program can help the musculature in this area but the fact that you can see the muscles in this area is down to low levels of body fat and that is good nutrition as well as their exercise programs.

Let's look at the flagship player in my sport, Roger Federer, many people have commented that around the middle he looks a little "unconditioned", does that stop him being possibly the best player of all time?


The fact remains that the number 1 objective of your training program (and core program) is to better your game - if you want the six pack then eat correctly and if you are really clever you can get both.

Now there is the challenge.

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