Everything You Need To Know About Proper Golf Grip - Understand and Apply

Oct 29


Eloise Kramer

Eloise Kramer

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The game of golf is more than a tough swing.

Have you seen a game of golf? Do you marvel at how seasoned golfers swing their clubs with ease -- perfect in both form and power to get that ball to its destination? Well,Everything You Need To Know About Proper Golf Grip - Understand and Apply Articles you can become a great golfer too if you start out with the basics, like learning the proper golf grip for the perfect shot with every swing of your club.

2 Types Of Grip

Keep in mind that there is more to golf than swinging your club around. Many consider it a sport that requires focus, proper posture, and strict application of techniques to score the perfect hit. For starters, let's introduce you to the grips you would be using in a game of golf.

The first grip is what you call as the interlocking grip. This proper golf grip involves holding the club with your hands locked together. This gives you a solid hold on your club that is perfect for beginners, especially when you're aiming for a powerful drive.

The second grip is called the overlap. One hand is one top of the other as you swing your club. They are widely used when your aiming to hit down the golf for the hole -- as well as giving you complete control of your club when doing a complicates hot.

Which One to Use?

Since there are two types of proper golf grips, many would think that there is a rule to the function and use of each. Well, there isn’t. The trick here is to use which is most comfortable to you. Whether it's an overlapping grip or an interlocking grip; it all boils down on how comfortable you are when holding your club for the shot to get the best swing during a game.

Variations and Techniques

Aside from learning the proper grip in golf, the next thing to learn is how to make use of them. There are plenty of beginner golf tips you can find online that gives you a general idea on what techniques to use in accordance to these grips in different shots -- whether it’s a drive or a hitting down. Another option is to look for a professional or a seasoned golfer to help you out.