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Read about the technicalities of table soccer.

When the fun,Guest Posting excitement and passion of soccer move on table; makes a game known as table soccer. This game is also known as foosball, footzy and biliardino. In different regions of the world, it is also known by many other different names. This game is based on the concept of a live soccer game, but the rules are not strict. It is like a rectangular table mostly 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. There are different sizes, shapes and colors can also be seen. It has a mini marked soccer area on top, similar to that you can see in a soccer grounds.  There are movable handles with rods where players are fixed in a certain sequence. There are four handles on left side and four handles on the right making two teams.
Players of one team includes a goalkeeper on one rod, 2 or 3 Defensive players on the second rod, 5 to 6 midfield players on the third rod and on the fourth rod there three attacking players. It means there are four rows for one team. The other team is the same as the first one, but the player’s color is change. Usually one team has blue color and the other one has red color. The rods can be rotated in 360 degrees result in movement of players. For the movement of players rules can vary.
There are at least two players required to play this game or four players can also enjoy this game. To play this game, there is small sized ball. The same concept as we know about soccer; both teams’ tries to make their goal and stops the other team to make a goal. Rules for live soccer and table soccer are very different. Table Soccer is a source of entertainment in different bars, clubs, schools, play lands and in large IT firms such as Google. The popularity of this game made it an international game. In 2002, a federation was formed in France known as International Table Soccer federation. After the creation of this federation, the standard rules were also defined for international competitions. 
Do you know the person who invented this game was inspired from kitchen match boxes? The name of that creative person was Harold Searles Thornton. He introduced this game in 1921. See! Now it is an international game. You can Google the detailed history for this game until present day.
There are some other types of table soccer, including 3D games, online games, board games, and so on. You can even find different styles and sizes of tables. Some table soccer games allow people to play by standing some can be played by sitting. Nowadays, smart devices, play stations and X boxes, etc. are also offering awesome table soccer games with eye-catching interfaces, 3D and 4D effects, and interesting options. In this everyone can enjoy soccer’s thrill at home. This game is cost effective and full of fun that’s why it is favored all over the world.

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