4 Ways to recover corrupt PDF files

Jul 14




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A PDF file maintains the data integrity and displays the exact same content on all operating systems. But the main problem arises when a PDF file becomes corrupted. In this article, we are going to discuss 4 best ways to recover the corrupt PDF files.


PDF (Portable Document Format files) are widely used for transferring and sharing of documents and is considered as the best way to convey the information or data. The PDF file is popular due to its compatibility and great features. A PDF file maintains the data integrity and displays the exact same content on all operating system,4 Ways to recover corrupt PDF files Articles they are easy to create, offers encryption mode thus, a user can password protect his PDF files, you can add several types of content in a PDF document including text, images, animations, video files, audio files, 3D models, hyperlinks, etc.

Besides all of these advantages, a PDF file is still not secure from virus malware attack or they are very sensitive and get corrupted very easily. Once they get corrupted a user has to repair PDF files. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 4 methods to recover PDF files. Plus we will also discuss why they get corrupted, and what is the best solution to recover corrupt PDF files. 

First, let us discuss the several factors which cause PDF file corruption. There are several reasons why a PDF file gets corrupted. You can use manual methods or can use a PDF repair tool, to repair corrupt PDF files. 


Why PDF files get corrupted?

There are various reasons due to which a PDF file gets corrupted, and when a PDF file gets corrupted then your PDF reader will display an error message i.e, “Unable to open this document” or “This file cannot be accessed”. 


Failure of Storage Device:

Failure in storage devices or hard drives may cause corruption in PDF files. 

Wrong or improper closing of the system:

Improper shutdown of a computer, while a PDF file is open, may cause errors and lead to corruption in PDF files. Improper closing of PDF reader or system shutdown may damage your PDF files and ultimately causes corruption in PDF files.

While downloading from the browser:

A PDF file gets corrupted due to incomplete complete download or if there is any other interruption while downloading the files. To avoid this make sure you have a stable internet connection. 


How to Repair Corrupt PDF Files or how to recover PDF files?

There are several ways by which you can recover PDF files but in this article, we have described 4 most popular ways to repair PDF files. 


1- Change the PDF reader-

Sometimes this issue gets resolved just by changing the PDF reader. So, it is recommended that you should try another PDF reader and try to access your PDF file. If your PDF files open in another PDF reader then you need to update your previous reader. But if the error is not resolved then try another method. 

2- Update your PDF reader- 

Update your PDF reader and then check whether the issue gets resolved or not. In case of Adobe Acrobat follow the instructions- 

Open Adobe Acrobat, then go to “Taskbar '' and then “Help”. 

Search the option “Check for updates”, and click on it. Within a few minutes, the Adobe Acrobat gets updated. Now, try to open your PDF files. 

3- Restore a previous version of PDF file-

Sometimes restoring the PDF reader to the previous version may resolve the issue. To restore the PDF reader to the old or previous version use the Windows 10 inbuilt tool. 

Open the “File Explorer” and right-click on the desired PDF file. 

Now click on “Restore Previous Versions”. 

Now select the desired file and click on “Restore”. 


4- Using PDF recovery tool-

Still not recover PDF files? You tried all the methods but none of them work? Then use the new “Sysinfo PDF Recovery tool”. With this tool, you can repair and recover highly corrupted or damaged PDF files in a fraction of seconds. It is an advanced tool and it can handle or recover corrupt PDF files effortlessly. 

The runs an intensive scan to repair corrupt PDF files and recover maximum possible content from it. Once a PDF gets recovered then a user can save it into a new PDF file. 


In this article, we have described all the possible ways to recover PDF files. The last method is the most popular and widely used method to recover the PDF file. With the PDF recovery tool, you can quickly recover PDF files without any data loss.