Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Build Your App for First Is Better?

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Finally, we have done complete research on the best platform for the development of mobile app on the platform either ios or android for your company. Check detailed points

It is hard to determine which is better for digital startups android app development or ios. As Ios and android both used to lead operating systems that match hardware and software components of the mobile devices. 

Several factors might affect decisions such as specifications needs,Guest Posting revenue goals, target audience, deadlines and budget.

iOS vs Android App Development: Everything Depends on Audience

The market share of Android is quite larger then ios as according to the data android has 74.45% of the market share while ios have 22.85% of the market share in January 2018 to January 2019 and only 2% was left for widows for mobile devices 0.3% and Samsung 0.28%.

One has to think more about what is better as both the systems have varied in the usage of statistics. Ios is a leader in a demographic and geographic context. 

Both the platforms have different revenues, according to the reports of google and apple the app stores generates much more revenue as compare to $12 billion gained by the app store in the third quarter with the mark of $12 billion grown by the app store as compared to $6.2 billion in 3rd quarter of 2018 created by play market. Also, the customers of the apple are richer with an average income of $53,231, and Android users have an annual income of $37,040.

Android App Development: for Up-And-Coming Markets

Check the user’s characteristics such as age, income, family, living, and proposed devices. The android is generally working in developing countries with lower wages. 

Characteristics of Android users vs ios app development

  • Android users mostly study in high schools only.
  • People whose age is 34 or younger use android.
  • 12% of people have an introvert type of personality. 
  • 71% of people have never traveled abroad.
  • The annual income android user holds is $37,040 
  • They majorly work in IT Energy, technical jobs, and public utilities 

However Android is an effective idea for global and upcoming markets such as America, Asia, and Africa in which there are a small number of users with low salaries. 

If an individual goes with the android then it will be more competitive than the app store i.e one has to invest in promotion and maintain it if one procures to initiate the most demanding products say Google play some of them are media, traveling, entertaining, and productivity.

iOS App Development: for Western Europe and North America

If you want to earn the revenue by posting ads on the free apps then you have to go with the android but if you want to earn by the paid app then you have to choose ios. 

An ios user earn more than 40% than android users and it is easier to sell the product, some properties of ios are:

  • Mostly 18 to 24 years of age use ios. 
  • There are mostly women who use iOS than Android and 27% of them are 35 years or older.
  • Ios users with 37% hold a university degree. 
  • The annual income of ios users are $53,251
  • They are working in marketing and media or some run their own business.


Pros and cons of ios App Development

The android and ios app development depends on the properties one wants in their app and the goals of businesses some major ios pros are

Fast and cost-effective

The ios developers can make an app faster than android developers, there are limited apple mobile systems approx 20 thus developers choose your product for some screen parameters. Ios takes 40%less periods than android. ios have swift programming which is easier than Java.

Effective security

Ios is a pilot protected platform where one can start their business and do financial activities and is better than android. Indeed existing apps in ios are completely protected.

Pre-crafted solutions 

Ios provides readymade interface models, frameworks, and modules to develop an app including support lines.

Restricted customization 

As ios have limited access and developing tools if one wants to change then some ready-made framework requires to be purchased. 

App store controls and quality 

Five days is needed to pass the application which is developed by developers if the app will not set up to the apple norms than it might not accept the application but in android has no limitation to it and is open to all types of app development.

Pros and Cons of Android App Development

Android provides access to each and every individual but ios is a faster developing process. Some advantages of android over ios are listed below

Android controls the global market

A device will get an effective response if it proves to give efficient working. If one seeks to develop MVP and launch the campaign in several cities across then it will be a profitable idea. It helps to determine the use of the purpose of the people. 

Flexible platform

Android users can use the immense frameworks and plugins can customize UI and UX, share their experiences, play functionality this is because the android has open access to all.

Unexpected user experience

Android has more than 24,000 types of devices in the world and there are only 20 ios mobile gadgets. It is not possible to examine the type of UX performed on some rare android phones thus one loses a section of customers without proper UI and UX optimization. 

Expensive and durable development. 

For developing an android app one requires skilled developers, a QA team, and patience. It is a fragmented platform with risks involved in it.

Monetizing App for Android vs iPhone development

In major aspects, people develop apps for their possible profits. However, some companies will not have the target to earn profits through the app; they just only want to promote their business and provide services. White Label monetization, in-app purchases, Freemium, and paid download is the purpose to build the app to promote the brand. One has to see the facility in android and ios according to their business. 


The customer from the android section seeks to use free services of the app it is customized to unrestricted solutions and fills usually OK among multiple ads inside the app. Hence it is an effective idea to get away from ads pay for the premium version. 

Ios or iPhone

Ios provides features such as shopping apps, paid apps, and exclusive features for ios startups. Only 11% of the app store are paid but it is not competitive like an android. Thus ios win in generating the revenue directly.

Cross-platform App Development: Another Option

Developing the android and ios at the same time with the help of cross-platform. Various users have engaged with the cross-platform which has similar functional principles in android, ios, or the windows. This saves time because the developers will not repeat the same programming and coding. 

The idea of multi-platform advancement is to build a flexible programming code such as, in HTML5 programming language and use conventional tools and frameworks to adapt it for a selective program. The framework has the ability to translate basic programming language in an acceptable target platform some of them are adobe PhoneGap and Appcelerator.

Android vs iOS Development 2020: Making the Final Decision

Which platform looks much better and convenient to you according to the business? One should select the platform according to the linear relation with customers and where the revenue is generated or which type of people are there to adapt the product.

USA, Australia, and some western countries are the only ones where there are a large number of ios users, unlike android users who people know throughout the world.

If you want to launch the app in North America then you have to go with North America or Western Europe but if you are seeking other markets then you must enjoy going through android. 

Android development needs much more time for development and ios has high standards that your app needs to be launched. As fixing bags might take time.


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