Cloud Backup of Small Businesses Include a Various Range Of IT Services

Sep 16


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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To finalize a choice, the cost is a significant determining factor. Figure out your budget and then move onto functionalities. Also, look for the recovery function. One must always have some form of backup rather than regretting later.


Cloud backup is a perfect possibility for small business IT services. You can select from a range of options,Cloud Backup of Small Businesses Include a Various Range Of IT Services Articles like file syncing, cloud storage, and can enjoy the same products used by enterprises in the era of the cloud. There are many affordable and easy-to-use cloud backup services available for you to choose from, even if your company does not fit well in the definition of an SMB.

How to set up a cloud server for small businesses?

The first step is to get a clear understanding of file syncing, cloud backup, and cloud storage. File syncing can synchronize the files and folders by copying them to the cloud or any linked devices. Whereas the cloud backup products offer services to host software as well as the backups.

Each file syncing, cloud backup, and cloud storage offer a dedicated service and value. Every cloud-based backup service uses cloud storage to keep the backup data. This way, you can move your data to another location of your laptop or computer and recover from any mishandling of information. This basic understanding will help you in setting up a cloud server for your small business.

Best cloud storage for small businesses

Small business IT services include virtual servers, network infrastructure, endpoints, and other management tools. However, with the small staff your company has, you must appoint at least one IT person. The main thing that you need is the protection of the entire working environment.

•    File syncing  

At the initial level, file syncing is more about achieving productivity across several linked devices, rather than backups. It is okay to have a limited amount of data to protect. Some options that you can consider are Microsoft OneDrive for business, Dropbox Business, and Box for business. If you can spend an extra three dollars, you can purchase the entire suite of Office 365 tools with OneDrive for Business included.

•    Cloud Backups
Products like Acronis True Image 2020 work well for power users and offer enough features for an IT person. For more dedicated features, MSP360 Managed Backup Service is an ideal option to seek. IDrive Personal is a relatively inexpensive tool to use. Backblaze provides certain additional functionalities, like locating a lost device and asking a USB drive for your data. Other choices are Metallic, Altaro, and Barracuda.

•    Cloud Storage
If you want to recover image-based data on the cloud, then consider products like MSP360. On-premise offerings like Veeam Backup Essentials are also good to consider as these products include multiple cloud storage. Rely more on Office 356 as your business grows. The many cloud-to-cloud backup products are available that can withstand data loss in Office 365. Before investing in any product, analyze if your operations can survive with it or not.