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This article describes the DirecTV Bundle offers.

DirecTV is an excellent provider if you want great channel selections and super good prices. DirecTV has a wide variety of bundles provided for you to chose from so you can get the perfect TV set up that you want. DirecTV is also highly prized for its wonderful customer service with 24/7 phone and Internet aid for all the questions and situations you could ever run into. One of its most favored customer services is the fact that when you begin service with DirecTV you pay absolutely nothing for the equipment necessary and you do absolutely nothing except be there! You do not have to lift a finger to install anythig because DirecTV experts do all the installations for you!


The Family Bundle

The most basic bundle you can obtain from DirecTV is the Family pack. It is a great priced pack with all the basics you need to enjoy an evening of relaxing in front of the TV on a hot summer night. The Basic Family Bundle gives you 40 channels that you can surf through and find the best show for the evening. These channels are suitable for all ages and include children's shows,Guest Posting religious programs, news, and general family channels. Such channels include the Disney Channel, Fox, PBS, Fit TV, and the National Geographic channel. With this Family Bundle you also get 4 FREE standard receivers for 4 separate rooms! You can also, at any time, upgrade for a small amount more and get HD access ( High Definition ). High Definition brings you the best quality in sight and sound that today's technology has to offer!

The Choice Bundle

The Choice Bundle has all the Family Pack has and much more. Instead of only 40 basic channels you get over 140 top channels that have a range of sports and movies including the children's shows, religious programs, news, and general family channels. With the Choice Bundle you also get 50 XM Satellite Radio Channels! The Choice Bundle includes all the Family Bundle channels plus ones such as Soap, Cartoon Network, Bravo, Fox, MTV, SCI Fi, Comedy Central, and Sports South. Just like the Family Bundle you get the 4 FREE standard receivers for 4 separate rooms. And again you also have the option to upgrade for a small amount more and get HD access.


DirecTV is provider out to do they best they can to ensure that you are 150 percent satisfied with your television options. They ensure never-ending satisfaction with their 24/7 customer service lines with ready and willing to help employees and a 24/7 web site with customer service aids and much more. DirecTV also makes it easy and cost effective to get satellite TV ( or transfer from another provider ) by having their equipment FREE and also by providing FREE professional installations. It is even easy to set up all the TV's in each room of the house with DirecTV for DirecTV provides you with a FREE set of 4 receivers!

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