Dish Network and Americas Top Programming Paks

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Dish Network offers the top programming packs offered for America

One thing that all TV programming service providers have in common is that you are going to have to select a programming package to begin receiving their services. It would be nice if they could just let people pick through and select the few channels that they wanted,Guest Posting if that is all that they wanted, but the programming that they sell can’t be sent out that way.

The technology that they use to send out the programming to their viewers requires that programs be bunched together in discreet packages to keep the prices affordable to you, the consumer. Also, to receive the free satellite TV system, that is required to receive your programming, a minimum amount of programming must be procured to make it economically viable in order for the programming service provider to stay in business.

All programming service providers have some programs that you may augment your structured package with to customize it to your own personal needs. In the end though, it is up to you to look over the programming in their packages to see if it is something that you might be interested in.

The people at Dish network are satisfied that their Americas Top series of programming packages are perhaps the best blended and balanced, in terms of the variety of topics in the industry today. All of them offer incremental numerical steps in terms of programming quantity as you move up through the choices in packages. With this system you will find it so easy to select the package that is in your price range and has the amount of programming that you need.

The first selection in the Americas Top series is the Americas Top 60 Pak and it is their base level, or entry level programming package. It still comes with loads of popular programs that you will easily recognize. ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, The Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2, Food Network, The Discovery Channel, CMT, MTV and TNT are just a small taste of what this program has in it. So don’t let the low price fool you, because this package is loaded with great programming choices.

The next step up is the Americas Choice Plus package and it stacks on another thirty great channels of programming, which adds up to 90 fantastic channel choices. Just up from there is their Americas Top 120 package and it is loaded down heavy with still more great programs that you might already be familiar with. Animal Planet, FX, American Movie Classics, Lifetime Movie Network, Turner Classic Movies along with a total of thirty sports channels that are added on. With this and any other packages above this you also get free Sirius satellite radio programming.

Up one more level from this programming package is the Americas Top 180 package and it still builds on more great programming choices. National Geographic Channel, The Western Movie Channel, The Hallmark Channel, and The Outdoor Channel are just a few of the choices of great programming that are added on with this package.

The next level up in programming packages is their Americas Everything package and it contains 230 great channels of programming. With this package comes all the great movie programming that Dish Network is known for. Showtime Unlimited, Starz Superpak, HBO and Cinimax. Also included in this package are thirty commercial free premium movie channels that insure that you will always have loads of movies to choose from.

Dish Network also has the best pay per view in the industry that brings hundreds of more movie choices for you to select from each and every month of the year. So for the widest selection and the best blend of programming in the packages that you have to choose from come to Dish Network.

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