How To Design A Website From Scratch In Photoshop?

Nov 19


Naveen Kumar Kharera

Naveen Kumar Kharera

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The people can create their company website just using photoshop. You can learn the step involved in the website developing and earn money. If the website is unique and great then automatically it gains popularity among the public and able to get more visitors regularly without any doubt. Only sight modification is required to make the template beautiful.


You can take note of this content for creating a website using the latest Photoshop in your system. The person may think that it takes more time to complete the template. No,How To Design A Website From Scratch In Photoshop? Articles it does not more time from your busy schedule once you learn the step properly. The people can get ideas from the browser or even from the video that is available on the digital platform. Here we have discussed the steps involved in the website developing and it is a trend in the market among web designers. 

  • Moreover, you need to change the setting option in photoshop for this process. Two things have to be modified in the setting Colum such as layer. There you can see many options but choose layer style and it connects to another box. There select or press global light.
  • The person can able to see a box popping after clicking global light. You need to change the angle in the box to 90 and click ok. Then again snap to the pixel is the second set which makes the pixel into perfect shape. Always make sure that this option is checked before the project is started.
  • You have to select the geometry option through a recent angle tool and press U and again check the snap to pixel option. It is possible only if you use Photoshop CS5 active.
  • But if you are using CS6 active then go for edit then preference option and general. Then only you can able to see the snap vector tools and transforms to the pixel grid.
  • Setting up a document is important in the web designing process. Click on the file and next new. It opens so set the canvas for width and height and resolution and even the colors you like to have for the Website Design Services. Add a guide to the canvas work by pressing the view option and new guide in the taskbar.
  • If it is the first guide then go for vertical for orientation and pixel position to 210. The second orientation is also vertical but the position change to 1290 pixel. The work area should have a center and outline space. You can drag the ruler by pressing ctrl +R.

Steps Involved In Layer And Group Organization:

If the website should be clean and net then group and layer are important. They help to manage the site so create four groups. Make a right-click on the first group and choose group properties from the menu bar. Change the name to the header and select a red color and continue the same step for other groups. Make rectangular shapes in the header with the rectangle tool. Select the font size and weight for the logo and the text.

Author Bio:

The photoshop is mainly used for creating a banner, logo, and many on the web page. It is performed to make a mock-up on the real web. The person has to implement the design after constructing it with code and HTML files. Then the website would be user-friendly to the customer. Many people are using it to develop real site out of it.