How to Fix OBS Display Capture Black Screen?

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If you are facing problem with obs display.  This article will help you to fix streamlabs obs black screen display capture. Keep reading

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) studio is mostly used by game streamers who are involved in live streaming broadcasts. They are high definition (HD) graphics media resources used by the system. Many times,Guest Posting the streamers try to capture a screen or a desktop image from streamlabs using OBS and they just see the black out. In this, article I'll show you how to fix obs black screen display capture.


Causes of Black Screen issue
  • The Windows version and OBS version may be conflicting. One of them requires updates. After doing system upgrades, this issue may occur due to updates. Version conflicts can be the cause of the issue.
  • Integrated graphic cards system - Systems/laptops having 2 physical graphic cards and OBS gets confused which one to use while doing a capture action in OBS.
  • Gaming mode ON can be the cause of an issue. This is a typical Windows system.


Fix 1 - Solve Integrated Graphics Card Issue
  1. Start your computer/laptop.
  2. On the desktop, right-click to open the context menu.
  3. The NVIDIA Control Panel option is available in the menu list.
  4. Manage 3D Settings is available on the left pane. The right-side section appears based on the selection.
  5. Pick Program Settings.
  6. The OBS Studio from the list of programs should be picked up.
  1. Choose the preferred graphic card. In this case to resolve issue, pick the Integrated Graphics option from the drop-down.
  1. Submit changes. Now, try using the OBS Studio with the same action - Display Capture
  2. The black screen issue disappeared. 
  3. See, how quickly it is resolved!
Fix 2 - Shut off Gaming mode

Many streamers have shared on their posts that keeping the gaming mode on does not work with broadcasts. OBS studio is one of the applications that sets an example of giving black out screen while doing display capture.


  1. Start settings (by clicking the Windows icon from the desktop)
  2. On the Find a setting search bar, type the keyword - game.
  3. You shall see the screen with Game Mode settings.
  1. Toggle the Use Game Mode to OFF. 
  2. Cool. It is shut/disabled as of now.
  3. Reboot the system/laptop.
  4. Open OBS Studio. 
  5. Try doing Display Capture using OBS in onstream labs.
  6. Yo! The issue is gone.


Fix 3: GPU Upgrade can be another resolution

Manually upgrading the graphics card driver software from the system’s device manager. Many times, the issue is the older version of the graphic card that is not compatible with the OBS version. This can quickly resolve the issue. Simple and doable.


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