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Katalyst Technologies knows that when it comes to engineering, different projects require different solutions. That’s why we’re proud to offer industry-leading services that meet our clients’ needs with more flexibility and at a fraction of the price. Contact our experts and experience the Katalyst difference.

Katalyst Technologies knows that when it comes to engineering,Guest Posting different projects require different solutions. That’s why we’re proud to offer industry-leading services that meet our clients’ needs with more flexibility and at a fraction of the price. Our hands-on process keeps our clients at the forefront, collaborating to make consistent strategic adjustments, always with a clear focus on successfully implementing each project. We specialize in working with clients who have not previously outsourced engineers. 


One of the ways we help make companies feel comfortable as they begin working with Katalyst is by providing a single full-time engineer as an on-site coordinator. That person will work closely with each client to assess their individual needs and determine the necessary tasks. Those tasks are relayed to a project manager in a remote location, who will assign them to the engineering team. When the work is completed, the manager will check it, then send it to the on-site coordinator. 


“Starting with one engineer kind of builds the team, so the more comfortable [the client] feels, the more offshore staff they’re going to have,” says Joe Gallant, Vice President of Global Engineering & Manufacturing, North America at Katalyst Technologies. The client establishes the direction needed, and then the team at Katalyst goes to work in bringing that vision to life. 


Above and Beyond 


Our spirit of customer service is embodied in the stories of Katalyst going above and beyond for the organizations with which we work. In one instance, a company’s head of engineering left abruptly. Panicked, the company called Katalyst. Within a week, we provided them an on-site coordinator. Originally scheduled for three months, the company found him so valuable that he is still there a year later. Another client producing farm equipment has very cyclical engineering needs, requiring little work during the winter months but with a heavier load in the spring and summer. Katalyst adjusts its resources based on those timelines, saving money for the client and allowing our engineers to shift gears and focus elsewhere. 


“That’s kind of the flex of what they need and what they don’t need,” says Gallant. When a given project doesn’t require as many workers, they are assigned to another Katalyst engineering task, and then can return to the client when needed.  


We Work with You 


In addition to serving clients with smaller teams—most engineering firms will place at least 50 people to a project—and malleable scheduling, Katalyst offers rates that are very competitive and often much lower than our competitors. Despite the significant savings, our engineers are still top-quality, experienced talent, with a 93% drawing accuracy rate. That means clients are almost always pleased with our initial output and rarely request or require revisions.  


That accuracy served Katalyst well when dealing with a reluctant client who had been unsatisfied with the slow, unreliable work another company had provided. After some convincing, the client decided to give Katalyst a shot. The moment of truth arrived when Katalyst’s engineers had to analyze an equipment failure that had left the client stumped.  


“Normally, what happens is an engineering company will tell you why it failed and how it failed,” says Gallant. “We went a step further and told them what the fix to the problem was, and how we could fix it. [The client] was very impressed.” It’s another of the many examples of Katalyst going above and beyond to serve our customers. 


“We have been very fortunate that the engineers that work for Katalyst really do care a lot about the customer,” says Gallant. We’re here to provide the engineering solutions your organization needs. Contact our experts and experience the Katalyst difference. 


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