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If we discuss about the pocket watches then it is one such magnificent style statement that one can elevate their personality and status through this time piece.

Coming to the history of pocket watches,Guest Posting they were first created in the 16th century AD in round or spherical designs. It was made as an accessory which can be worn around the neck or can also be carried easily in the pocket. It took another century for the watches to become a common accessory among the people and since then it never looked back. There are various models of pocket watches available in market among which some are made up of gold, silver and platinum etc. Even diamonds are used in those watches which are affordable only by the high class people in the society. Even though the sales of these time pieces have come down, but the class and modishness of these pocket watches has always went up. Watch companies are still manufacturing these time pieces to show up their elegance and style in the market in order to bring craze for the other models of watches produced by them.

Pocket watches are the classic icon that increases the class and style of one’s personality in the society. Even though modern wrist watches are commonly used these days by the people, but those watches will catch the eyeballs in the community as they produce the class and elegance with its iconic models and designs. At present these watches are made out of electronic designs which run on a battery. However there are many classical designs of watches that are available but such models seem a bit expensive. As the demand for these time pieces is more among the high class community, the pocket watches are crafted with costly and valuable materials rather than an ordinary one.

At the moment, maximum of them are seen using the wrist watches that are in vogue and classy. Mainly the watches that are crafted with costly diamonds are a lot used today. Despite the fact that the fashionable watches are an “in thing” presently but the classic pocket watches are not less than the latest models in every aspect and feature and hence, one cannot simply forget and overlook these classic pieces. Nevertheless, the pocket watches acts as a reminder which takes us back to the past times. Though they are old fashioned time pieces, but they run very effectively. For most, still these pocket watches are their favorite collection of time pieces that stands at a top place despite the availability of latest and stylish watches. 

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