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Dot Net is a useful programming language that is used to develop software tools and related products compatible with numerous system environments.

You might surely be knowing the technology codes that many web applications accommodate inside themselves,Guest Posting but do you know which DotNet Development trends are taking off in 2021? .Net core is incorporated by the Microsoft .Net Development Company and today we see a series of changes in the actual scenario of those technologies. The Microsoft .Net framework is generally preferred for developing cross-platform applications, IoT, cloud apps, and construct applications. They are made by applying reusable code with languages like C#, VB, JS, and many other languages. 


Microsoft .Net solutions are mainly in focus due to their favorable functionalities for enterprise users such as: 

  • Open-source platform 
  • Community-oriented service 
  • Adaptable to all platforms 
  • Point application development 
  • Side by Side installation 
  • Progressive future updates 


Let’s check out some of the technology trends in .Net. 


  1. Azure Kubernetes Service (Aks) - This development technology is mainly in demand due to its easy deployment functionality of web apps by developers. Along with this, it also provides serverless Kubernetes and a continual delivery experience along with business-grade security and governance. 

Some friendly reasons: 

  • The Kubernetes platform is a friendly platform but many manual processes have to be carried out for developing, testing, and positioning the micro service-related solutions. To solve this issue, Azure Cloud Solutions assist in making the program effective and productive for the developers. 
  • Integration options of tools can easily be done, and a speedy end-to-end application experience is also provided. 
  • It helps provide access control with the Azure directory, as well as advanced identity and rules compliance across clusters.

For a smooth experience, a handful of strategies and their exact implementation is the key. Some strategies like pod security, multi-tenacity, business continuity for quick performance, and other practices in the cluster can assure that you encounter a comfortable experience. 



  1. ML.NET 1.4 

People who are exclusive with their content management system are going to be impressed by the new Microsoft update. It is a good choice for machine learning and uses the model builder and CLI (Command Line Interface), so you can build your machine learning models. Specific uses in sentiment analysis, customer segmentation, and image classification can be increased which is a big benefit for the users. 

A grand benefit is your data security here, which the .net framework takes extremely seriously. 

  • Validation processes
  • Code checking 
  • Regular updates in encryption 
  • Code access security 
  • MVC Architecture 



Blazor can be considered as a simplified version of Razor. It is a templating language that compiles and delivers the logic by using Web assembly. If you are keen on implementing interactive UIs, apps using C#, HTML, and CSS. It consists of productive capacities which can directly compete with the JavaScript SPA (Single Page Application) frameworks like Angular, React, and VueJS. It is also capable of mobile UIs by using different renderers. 

Its beneficial features are: 

  • Layouts 
  • Validation 
  • Routing mechanism 
  • Interoperability 
  • Dependency injection 
  • Lighter and easier for learning purposes. 


  1. Cloud Services 

If you are an entrepreneur, storing and managing your data with supreme security would be your primary concern. Its almost instant benefits include it having a large storage capacity with low expenditure. It can be used anywhere with instant access to it from any location at any given time. 

Big Data and broad analytics solutions are a part of Microsoft Azure where your resources are well managed and secured. 

Its good points are: 

  • Big data insights and data recovery made simple
  • Company data storage that is dependable
  • Excellent data protection and safety, as well as scalability. 


  1. Core Docker

If you want to quickly build apps and package them in the form of docker images, this platform is a winner. These images will be in a docker file format and they will need to be positioned and implemented in a layered container. Then the images can be downloaded from the registry with the assistance of a command called docker. 

Why are people inclined to it? 

  • Good runtime as all environment setup necessities will be contained in a docker-compose file. 
  • Version-controlled infrastructure 
  • Security alike virtual machines 
  • Cloud friendly deployment 


  1. Framework 

Any business person who wants to include sections like payment gateways for customers, confidential data, and sensitive information will opt for this framework as it offers great security features. With the MVC architecture, this framework has perfect privacy support. It secures your data with scalable and reliable web apps built on it with the assistance of features like: 

  • Encryption 
  • Validation 
  • Code access security

And much more that would make your development easy!


  1. Xamarin 

Xamarin is an open-source platform that uses .Net and C# to help developers create iOS, Windows, and Android-based mobile apps. It enhances the Asp.Net platform with incredible libraries and resources that enable us to create apps. . When compared to Objective-C and Java, applications written in C# have significantly more functionality. LINQ, generics, dynamic language features, parallel programming, lambdas, and other features are included.

It has the support of a broad and committed group to address any development issues.


  1. DotNetNuke

DNN, also known as DotNetNuke, provides a fantastic online experience that is beneficial to advertisers. It assists them in achieving their business objectives by allowing them to create, modify, and measure high-quality content. It even provides role-based security when compared to competitive platforms. Customized applications can be readily made using this robust software. 

The following are some of the page editing and maintenance options: 

  • localizing the content
  • Managing Versions
  • Straightforward Workflow 
  • Publisher
  • Publisher Drag and Drop Page
  • Unconstrained writers of content
  • Image Editor 


Wrapping up, 

The .Net technology has become the unrestrained and unconstrained form of the progress of the development sector and these technologies contribute to it in a multitude of aspects. The dynamic websites, applications, or business intelligence software can be created using these technologies with pertained wisdom and of course, skilled coding.

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