Must have Skills for an iPhone App Developer to Hire

Jan 26


Parag k

Parag k

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If you’ve got a great idea that you’re looking to monetize through a digital product, more specifically a mobile application, then you probably want to hire iPhone app developers.


It is likely that you made this decision after researching the market to find out which mobile app development platform is best for you. Yes,Must have Skills for an iPhone App Developer to Hire Articles the iOS platform does have numerous benefits. However, to make the most of this cutting-edge mobile app development platform, it is extremely necessary to hire the right iPhone application developer. In order to do so, make sure the following skills are possessed by the iPhone application developer you are looking to hire. 1. Swift The iPhone application developer you want to hire to develop your mobile app must be proficient in Apple’s latest programming language, Swift. Swift is a low code, an open-source programming language that has made iPhone app development a much easier task, which is why it has started to be used to create almost all iPhone apps, thereby making it a necessary skill for every iPhone application developer. 2. Good design skills When looking to hire iPhone app developers, you must make sure they have excellent user experience and user interface design skills. This is because UI and UX play a vital role in your app being liked and adopted by your target audience. The iPhone application developer you hire must be able to visualize spatial relationships between different elements, and must also be able to think 3-dimensionally. In addition to this, the developer should also possess a sound understanding of how the user will interact with the different objects present on the interface. 3. Cross-platform knowledge The iPhone application developer you’re looking to hire must not only be proficient in developing mobile apps for the iOS platform but must also be comfortable coding for Android too, as there’s always a possibility of you wanting to release your application on other platforms. After all, Android occupies a good 80% of the market share, and so, an iPhone application developer who can code for Android will prove to be an extremely valuable asset. 4. Experience in agile methodology When you hire iPhone app developers, you must make sure that they have got enough experience working with cross-functional and self-organizing teams in an environment that is collaborative. An iPhone app developer who has been exposed to agile methodology is capable of developing an application that meets all the client’s expectations, as well as every deadline. 5. Github When looking for an iPhone application developer to hire, it is always best to ensure that they are able to use version control while working with a team. This is something that makes it possible for mobile app developers to collaborate with one another on a version control system that’s distributed. Github, a repository of source code, helps track bugs, feature requests, and more, which helps make the management of tasks for every project a simpler affair. If you’re looking to hire the services of skilled iPhone app developers, look no further than HokuApps. HokuApps creates all mobile apps on their custom-made low-code platform, which allows them to develop apps for all kinds of business at 10x the speed, allowing you to make your app available to the masses as soon as possible. Additionally, HokuApps’ mobile app development solutions are always customized in order to meet your individual needs as an organization. Few More Success Stories about HokuApps : HokuApps Empowers HPH Transport to Better Serve Non-Emergency Medical Transportation During COVID-19Liberty Industrial Group Deploys HokuApps Solution to Optimize Scaffolding Operations NationwideHokuApps Redefining Vehicle Financing Operations for ELK-Desa Benefited During COVID-19HokuApps Creates Engaging Platform for SDI Academy Helping Migrants to Cope with the COVID-19 Induced Isolation