Nespresso Essenza D90/S1 Single-Serve Espresso: Best Nespresso Machine?

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Nespresso Essenza D90/S1: coffee maker especially designed for use with Nespresso pods or capsules.

Nespresso Essenza D90/S1 is especially designed for use with Nespresso pods / capsules. It has a unique extraction system and is a single serve manual espresso machine that consistently delivers the perfect cup of espresso by perforating the pods and soaking the coffee while its 19 bar pump applies high pressure extracting the taste and aroma of the coffee. You get a full bodied cup with smooth crema in every pull.It has a ThermoBlock heating system which heats the water to 187 degrees and 196 degrees during extraction.We all know that one of the key ingredients to an excellent cup of joe is the quality of the water,Guest Posting this machine empties the remaining water after each use to guarantee fresh water every time.Maintenance is a breeze; not only because capsules are used but the machine automatically ejects the used capsules in a used-capsule collection container once you lift the handle on top of the unit.Nespresso Essenza features include:   

  • Manual control of the amount of coffee in the cup
  • Backlit control button
  • Electronic temperature regulation
  • Removable 34-ounce water container.
  • Compact footprint (measures 10 by 6-2/5 by 11-1/2 inches)
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • One-year limited warranty
==> Click here for more information on this Espresso Machine <==What's good about it?
  • Very convenient and efficient. The Capsules make making espresso less of a chore and gives you more time to enjoy your cup
  • Very neat and easy to operate. Use is no-nonsense and its very difficult to go wrong with it
  • It comes with $110 “welcome” package complete with 200 capsules
  • The crema is full bodied
  • You get your espresso really quickly (less than 30 seconds)
  • The serving temperature of espresso is perfect (they are steaming hot and not just warm)
  • The quality of the espressos can compete with professionally made authentic Italian coffee
  • Takes up about a square foot of counter space
  • Delivery of capsules takes only two days. You can set the delivery so you get your capsules on a schedule
  • The frothing unit yields great results. Cleaning up the frothing unit is also a breeze and you are not left with any milk residues
  • Twice a year Nespresso releases special edition capsules which are most often than not 100% Arabica
  • The capsules come in a variety of blends (even decaf and flavored variants)
  • Very quiet
  • Very sturdy build
  • The machine itself is of very good quality and design
  • Worth every penny
==> Click here to purchase D90/S1 <==Some things to consider:
  • Water tank location is a bit awkward (its located at the back)
  • The cup height can’t fit travel mugs
  • Capsules are more expensive than regular grounds
  • The capsules produce more waste in comparison if you were to use normal grounds. A recycling system by Nespresso would be a great option(this is not for the serious eco-conscious folks)
  • Capsules are not available in local stores. You must order them online from Nespresso
  • Nespresso capsules are usually not 100% Arabica (it always have at least 5% Robusta)
Summary:Nespresso Essenza D90 basically comes with all the benefits and cons of Nespresso capsules. Benefits being: convenience, efficiency, consistency and quality; using capsules takes the guesswork out of making a perfect cup. The Cons of capsules are its price and waste. But other than that, the machine itself is almost perfect (except maybe for the cup height which is somewhat of a given for machines of this kind). It truly is a marriage of quality and convenience. The price you pay for this machine is a bargain.

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