Office security with cameras: What is available currently?

Jan 21


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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Techno gadgets are fun to look at and purchase.  Many of them provide a useful and sophisticated aid to surveillance and security for your office or business workspace.  They come in various sizes and with varied purposes but will add to the security without being a huge financial burden.


Movies and television today sometimes paint an unrealistic picture of techno gadgets used by such characters as James Bond and others.  The reality is that there is very little that is private or secure anymore from a dedicated hacker or investigator.  Personal and private information can be accessed by any relatively skilled hacker or determined investigator. 


If you as a business owner choose to install security or surveillance devices so that you can monitor activities of your employees when you are not present, legally you have a right to do so in most areas.  Some business owners install surveillance to insure that money is not being stolen by employees.  Installing a surveillance camera to prevent unauthorized removal of business or office equipment or of store inventory in quite common in businesses today.  Thanks to current advances in technology,Office security with cameras: What is available currently? Articles the security cameras of today are quite reliable with reasonably good definition or resolution.  They are often adjustable as to height and direction and may include zoom lenses, particular if this is a web cam type.  Cameras can provide continuous surveillance in all areas of an office so that there are no blind spots or unobserved areas.


Cameras used as office security devices can be very sophisticated.  They can be set so as to register an alarm at the appropriate response place in the event of movement.  They can record any activities within the range of their viewfinder.  Business surveillance cameras are a small sized unit that can be aimed and are often used in office surveillance situations. Dome cameras in which a small camera fits within a darkened glass or plastic dome attached to the ceiling is common in businesses since it does not require valuable floor or desk space and is less easy to access. Infrared cameras, of course register and record heat patterns which can signal the presence of an intruder, either in an indoor or outdoor setting. Coin cameras are very small and as such are the easiest to hide from view.  They can be tucked away anywhere you have need to place security or surveillance devices.


Business cameras outside are often used for such locations as parking lots where there is a high incidence of attacks or other unwanted activities.   By using surveillance of the areas, some perpetrators will avoid committing crimes in the area because of fear of getting caught, while others will be caught when the visual evidence of the crime is recorded on film or videotape.


Professional surveillance and security cameras are designed with every type of office environment in mind.  You can choose from large or small units and from wired or wireless cameras, depending on where and how the camera is to be mounted. You will also need to consider what the best type of lens will be for your situation.  Fixed lenses will be appropriate for some applications while others will be better served with movable lenses.


Price is always a consideration, but by searching for internet equipment you can usually find a deal that will fit within your budget.

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