Online Conferencing Using PresentAll

Jul 19


Vad Mineev

Vad Mineev

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PresentAll is a live video conferencing software. PresentAll provides an easy to use interface with a feature rich program.

Online video conferencing and webinars are an excellent way to save money and time. Businesses are in a constant state of adaptation and webinars and online conferencing has become more and more important for businesses recently. Online conferencing is being used for just about every type of meeting imaginable now and there are many ways to create a more effective presentation using online video conferencing. Businesses now have the capability to communicate around the globe or around town for the same cost. The technology age has brought forth a communications revolution and online video conferencing is right in the middle of everything. Webinars and online conferences are becoming more and more popular not only with businesses but also with consumers. PresentAll is an online web conferencing solution that allows multiple participants to view a presentation simultaneously. PresentAll allows participants to log in to a meeting room with no downloads and is a very user-friendly video conferencing solution. PresentAll also allows up to 16 live video feeds and unlimited participants. For more information please visit the website at PresentAll - web video conferencing and webinar service