5 Tips for Novice Drone Pilots

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Did you just get a drone for Sinterklaas or for Christmas? You want to fly right away with your drone? Then read our handy tips before you fly!

The drone is a beautiful device that everyone can fly with,Guest Posting only if something goes wrong, many people do not know what to do. That is why we have put a number of tips on a list so that you learn to fly safely with your new drone.

Tip 1 Know your drone
Do not fly before you have read the user manual. There are many useful tips in the manual, and what you have to do in certain situations. So what you have to take into account, but especially what your drone can and can not do, because your drone can not do everything.

Tip 2 Fly only in good weather
Actually this speaks for itself: do not fly in strong wind or in rain. Your drone is probably not waterproof, so rain does not go well with all the electronics in your drone! Fog also falls under humid conditions. Mist is a cloud and a cloud is full of water, you go flying in, then you run the risk that your drone gets wet and there is a tight seal in your drone. For that matter, flying in strong winds is also not advisable at the beginning, in your manual it is up to which wind speed your drone can still fly. Keep in mind the wind speed that you might keep the drone in the air, but that countries can become very difficult. During the landing you run the risk that the drone can fall over, which can quickly cost you a propeller or an engine.

Tip 3 Fly in safe environments
Do not find the danger, although a drone will not be able to damage it quickly, it can indirectly cause damage. A few points that you should stick to if you want to fly:

Tip 4 Do not trust 100% on your GPS
Almost every drone has the option to fly back to where it is taken, but the location must be correct. For example, if your location is set up in America, your drone will fly to America quietly and you will lose it. It can have many causes that your location is not correct, one of the most common is a fault in your GPS. This may be because, for example, there has been a zone explosion and your GPS has more trouble getting a good "GPS lock". If your GPS does not have a good "GPS Lock", the position can not be determined properly and it can therefore be that when your drone hits RTH (Return To Home) it does not fly back to you but flies to China!

Tip 5 Set your Return To Home (RTH) correctly
Following our fourth tip, adjust RTH correctly! Imagine you are flying and suddenly you lose connection with your drone because it has landed behind an object. At such a moment your drone automatically flies back to the point where you have allowed it to take off. However, the drone is not super smart and he can not see where he is flying. An example:
The return to home is set here at say 50 meters, but the object is 80 meters high, as you can see the drone flies against it. If the pilot had set his RTH to 100 meters, the drone would have gone up and flown over the object. A good tip: think what you want to do before you go into the air and adjust your RTH height accordingly!

(Last tip, print out the overview below and make sure you always have it with you so you do not forget anything)

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