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Mobile phone technology and usage of mobile telephony is reaching to higher level day by day. In all over the world mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation. 

Mobile phone technology and usage of mobile telephony is reaching to higher levels day by day. In all over the world mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation. The radiation works on microwave range,Guest Posting which has an impact on the human body, and may be harmful or beneficial. We can say without a doubt that wireless digital systems being used for data communication networks generate radiations. Based on research and consensus, scientific & medical communities have confirmed that cancer is being caused by the mobile phones and zracenje baznih stanica. Lots of investigation is done on the effects of Mobile towers radiation on human health. SCENIHR (Scientific Committee on Emerging and newly identified Health Risks) concludes with available research that there is not much effect of mobile phones or Mobile Towers radiation.  Zracenje baznih stanica is a part of radio waves and a normal handset can produce up to peak power of 2 watts with GSM Handset, and CMDA2000 mobiles produce up to 3.6 watts power which can be absorbed by the human head. But research on microwave radiations on animals shows that most of them are affected and face problems such as leakage of protein into the brain with permeated blood brain barriers, but other health sectors did not confirm this affect with same analysis. With all the consequences, whether the radiation of Mobile towers exists or not, our life is not complete without mobiles, because mobiles have become a permanent instant of our lives. When we talk about the Cell phone towers coming up in an area, we really feel happy without getting acknowledged about its effects, the reason being that the mobiles have become most popular media for distance based communication and it's also a great fun to enjoy its amazing features. Some of other effects of zracenje baznih stanica are proved by scientists with a research on large scale i.e. thermal and non thermal. With these effects a person can fall prey to a thermal effect due to microwave radiation of tower being closer to human. Organisms exposed to the thermal effects can suffer from fatigue, cataracts and decrease in mental concentration. This happens due the heat amount which is generated by the zracenje baznih stanica. Most of the telecom companies install towers which have a 7620 microwatt/m2 radiation power level. International Commission of Non-iodized Radiation has fixed standard set which can be 600 microwatt/m2 at max.  Zracenje baznih stanica cannot be neglected; and in technology race we are losing focus on co-parameters about human health. Competition in mobile companies is increasing the risk of human health, because they want to achieve market share without any concern of human health.  The most common problems mentioned by psychological doctors about the radiation of mobile phones & towers call the headaches. This is because of the heat which people get while talking on the phone for a longer time. Mobile radiation is causing problem to human and animal health, but this technology is adapted by most of us because of its benefits. Health officials and Telecommunication companies should analyze the approach for mobile technology so as to minimize its effects on human body.  

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