Running With The Best: Using The New BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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Research In Motion, RIM, is a manufacturer of the BlackBerry model phones. They have just lately announced the release of a mobile phone which will trump prior to now well liked designs.

Research In Motion,Guest Posting RIM, is the manufacturer of the BlackBerry brand phones, and they have recently announced the release of a phone that will trump previously popular models. The BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 smart-phone is the newest brainchild of RIM, and it will cast the Curve 8330 and 8530, models which are still very with most cellular carriers, into the shadows of obsolescence.

This new model of the Curve series boasts a larger amount of both RAM to support more running applications, as well as more onboard memory so you can store more contacts, data, and applications. Of course, the amount of music, photos and videos that you can store on the phone depends solely on the size of the memory card it contains, and in previous models the maximum capacity of the MicroSD cards for the Curve was 16GB. With the newer model however, the firmware and hardware have been updated to accommodate extended memory cards of up to 32GB, which will hold an average of 8,000 songs.

While older models of the curve were both famous and notorious for their trackball cursor movement designs, the new curve incorporates a track pad system that functions very much like the units that move the mouse around on current laptops. Replacement of the trackball is a thing of the past, and the track pad is also much more responsive and accurate.

As always there is a camera included in the 9300, and while the resolution has not moved up a great deal from previous models, still remaining at 2 megapixels, the photo-optic light sensor has been updated to capture higher quality pictures in lower light environments. There of course is an on board video camera that allows you to capture short clips to email to friends, or longer videos if you have enough expanded memory to store them. Bluetooth is included as an integral part of the operating system, making it incredibly easy for you to send files to another phone, another computer, or even print pictures at a photo processing kiosk that has a Bluetooth receiver.

Research In Motion of course has released another very good BlackBerry product, the only hang up for most people is the price if you are not able to get new customer pricing or resign your contract for an eligible upgrade. The manufacturer suggested retail price of the Curve 9300 is a whopping 500.00 USD, however there are a great many different retailers and cellular service providers that will be willing to offer you instant and mail in rebates if you are willing to sign a longer contract or simply start a new plan.

If you are considering switching to the new BlackBerry Curve, it is in your best interest to see what offers your local cellular service providers have, and checking with a corporate branch is the safest bet. One can sign-up for a blackberry curve 3g 9300 contract deals offering free gifts like Nintendo WII, Sony PSP or Play Station, and even Xbox 360. If these free gifts don’t seem interesting to certain people than there are service providers offering unlimited texts with contracts.

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