The Role of 3D Printing in the Product Development Phase

May 20


John Wilams

John Wilams

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A 3D printing prototype service provides another option to streamline the product development phase.


Product development involves many stages. Once you brainstorm an idea,The Role of 3D Printing in the Product Development Phase Articles you have to develop a model and make a prototype to ensure it works as intended. Traditional prototype fabrication methods were often time consuming, as work was done by hand and required a lot of back-and-forth to ensure dimensional accuracy. With the evolution of rapid prototyping, many of these steps have been simplified.  Data (CAD) can be sent directly to the machines, ensuring that the parts built match the part as designed.  Technological advances continue to transform product design and manufacturing. One industry breakthrough is the launch of 3D printing prototype services.

Benefits of Using 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Services

3D Printing differs from other rapid prototype technologies because of 3D printing is primarily an additive, rather than a subtractive, approach to building a part.  This means the cost of producing parts using 3D printing are generally lower than through other forms of rapid prototyping, since there is no wasted material. 

The additive process, combined with the ability to print very thin layers at a time, allows fine details to be captured without repeated operations. Whether you need a prototype fabricated from plastic or metal, 3D printing can achieve tight tolerances. Thus, 3D printing rapid prototyping services help streamline the product development process.

Because 3D printing prototype services provide a fast means to obtain a prototype, you can evaluate your design not only by looking on a computer screen, but also by having physical parts that you can evaluate and piece together to assess the overall design.  Furthermore, unlike other prototype approaches, 3D printing has become common enough that it has become quite available in the industry as overall capacity has increased in the field.

With 3D printing, it’s possible to create prototypes with incredible detailing. At Globaltech Ventures, we have experience in printing parts that meet design and appearance specifications with little post-production processing. Our 3D printing rapid prototyping services allow us to deliver superior quality parts and components.

Choose to Work With one of the Best Rapid Prototyping Companies in the USA

Although you’ll find many 3D printing prototype services, not all offer the same caliber of service or level of affordability. We work hard to produce exactly what the customer needs to enhance their product development process. For more information on how we can help your business, contact Globaltech Ventures today.  Ranked among the most respected and trusted rapid prototyping companies in the USA, we offer a range of fabrication solutions.

Enhancing the Product Development Phase With 3D Printing

When you are developing a new product, cost and timing are important factors to consider.  Getting a prototype built that meets your design and appearance expectations requires a supplier who understands what is required to meet your needs.  By using 3D printing rapid prototyping services, it is often possible to get a part quickly that also meets tight tolerances while keeping your development costs down.

Among the many rapid prototyping companies in the USA, Global Technology Ventures, Inc. is a trusted source. We offer a broad spectrum of fabrication solutions. Whether a customer needs a small, large, simple, or complex fabricated part, we can achieve precision. Not only that, but we understand when 3D printing may provide the most cost-effective approach. For more information on 3D printing, contact Globaltech Ventures today.

3D Printing Rapid Prototype Services to Streamline Product Development

Are you looking for a way to streamline your product development process? Global Technology Ventures, Inc. provides superior services to help. Working with the customer’s design, our 3D service yields accurate results. With our 3D printing rapid prototype services, our customers can save valuable time and money. For premium-quality product prototypes, give us a call today.