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Enterprises are always on alert for a tech solution that uplifts business excellence, that’s independent to work on various computer platforms and cost effective as well. Java based apps or software help companies realize these values, thus Java programmers Australia are relied on by customers all over the world to deliver exceptional Java application solutions.

The Java platform is one of the open source,Guest Posting independent, most preferably technology and global standard for the implementation of every kind of app, like web based, client-server, cloud and enterprise apps. These days, organizations are adopting Java app development to minimize costs, boost services and drive innovation in programming languages for enterprise engineering and architecture.

The demand for Java app development continues to rise. With this, the demand for Java programmers are also very high. Australia Java developer jobs are plentiful since a lot of organizations, both locally and internationally are seeking out their services. A business organization and an aspiring app developer should be aware of the skillsets as well as what being a Java developer entails.


A Java developer is responsible for programming and developing apps and software with the use of the popular language, Java. Furthermore, the developer is a specialized kind of programmer who might collaborate with software engineers and web developers to integrate Java into business apps, websites and software. They are involved all throughout the entire development life cycle of a product and should be able to identify as well as analyze problems or issues and should be able to come up with an efficient solution. Other duties could include gathering and documenting the requirements of a user, analyze data and quality assurance testing. The Java developer role is an in-demand role at present.

For companies seeking the services of a Java programmer or hiring one, it’s important to be have ready questions and answers that will reveal the extent of the knowledge of an applicant or prospective development partner.


  1. What is JVM? The Java interpreter, together with a runtime environment that’s required to run the Java app is called the JVM or the Java Virtual Machine.
  2. What’s the most important Java feature? It’s being a platform independent language.
  3. What does platform independence mean? It means that one could write and compile Java code in a single platform, such as Windows for instance and could execute the class in any other platform supported, like Linux and more.
  4. What’s the base class of all classes? The java.lang.Object
  5. What are the access modifiers? There are three access modifiers, namely, public, protected and private. The default one if there is no specified modifier is called friendly, but programmer could not explicitly specify the friendly identifier.
  6. What’s the difference between a JVM and a JDK? The JDK is the Java development kit, used for the development purpose, which includes an execution environment as well. But the JVM is purely a run time environment and thus, one would not be able to compile the source files using it.
  7. What is a package? It’s a collection of related interfaces and classes that provide access protection and namespace management.
  8. What does Inheritance mean and its advantages? Inheritance is a process of inheriting all feature from a class. The advantages are code reusability and variables accessibility and methods of super class by subclasses.
  9. The difference between superclass and subclass? Superclass is class inherited, whereas the sub class does the inheriting.
  10. What is synchronization? It’s the mechanism that ensures that only one thread at a time is accessed.
  11. What’s an abstract class? It’s a class designed with implementation gaps for subclasses to fill in and is made incomplete deliberately.
  12. What’s a deadlock? Deadlock is when two threads are waiting each other and could not precede the program.
  13. What are states associated in the thread? Thread contains the states ready, running, waiting and dead states.
  14. What’s an applet? An applet is an interactive and dynamic program, which runs within a web page displayed by a Java capable browser.
  15. What’s the applet lifecycle?

init() method – could be called when an applet’s first loaded

start() method – could be called every time an applet is begun

paint() method – can be called when an applet is maximized or minimized

stop () method – could be used when a browser moves off the page of the applet

destroy() method – may be called when a browser is done with the applet

  1. What’s a layout manager and what are the different kinds of layout managers that’s available in Java AWT? A layout manager is an object used for organizing components in a container. The various layouts available are BorderLayout, FlowLayout, CardLayout, GridLayout as well as GridBagLayout.
  2. What is the JDBC? It is a set of Java API to execute SQL statements. The API consists of a set of interfaces and classes to allow programs to write pure Java Database apps.
  3. What is a stored procedure? Stored procedure is a cluster of SQL statements, which forms a logical unit and does a certain task. Stored Procedures are used in encapsulating a set of queries or operations to execute on database. Stored procedures could be compiled and executed with various results and parameters and could have any input/output parameters combination.
  4. How does one set security in applets? With the use of setSecurityManager() method.
  5. What are the available drivers?
  6. JDBC-ODBC Bridger driver
  7. Native API Partly-Java driver
  8. JDBC-NET Pure Java driver
  9. Native-Protocol Pure Java driver

On the whole, a Java developer could directly use Java to write desktop GUI apps, web apps as well as mobile apps. The versatility and flexibility make it a general-purpose programming language in the truest sense possible. At the same time, Java frameworks and development tools contribute greatly to making Java one of the most popular programming languages of all time. Thus, a lot of small businesses also use it for application development. The features would further keep the relevance of Java intact for a long period of time.



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