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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the world economy. It has also severely impacted the IT industry. In such times, dedicated team and virtual employee models have emerged as an effective way to run IT operations.

Undoubtedly,Guest Posting the world’s economy has been brought almost to a standstill amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and organizations including IT operations are facing immense challenges brought about by the crisis. Apart from old challenges, there are also new ones that include the need of having a virtual employee and a dedicated team to run IT operations and business successfully in the current COVID 19 situation. 

Furthermore, there is a need to ensure enhanced security services to prevent challenges associated with e-mail compromise scams, phishing and quarantine imposed social distancing and travel restrictions. With such, as an IT company, you can rely on a dedicated and competent virtual expert to keep your operations running. Remember, COVID-19 has brought about unforeseen disruptions, some are short term while others are a long time. Therefore, there is need to cushion your business and have the right plan to ensure the continuity of your trade. This can be done by

Hiring a Dedicated Virtual Android App developer

Hiring a dedicated virtual android app developer is a great decision amid the crisis. The expert will provide a quality end to end mobility or virtual solutions to your business across diverse verticals in the industry. With scalable, highly functional, innovative and unique solutions designed specifically for your business and clients, you can still achieve a competitive edge to your business. 

With advanced technologies, a virtual android developer explores different AR/VR mobile apps and related tools based on the unique needs of your business or clients. Furthermore, virtual developers are exploring and making the most of AI and machine learning algos. These are built comprehensively based on intelligent and highly innovative AI and IT solutions for continued business operations. 

With the developer, you will also be in a position to focus on three major IT aspects that are essential in the industry. This includes 

Going Cloud 

Employing cloud for your IT for enhanced security infrastructure is a smart move during and after the pandemic. This is because many people are now working from home hence, workloads will be based on the cloud. Therefore, your IT Company will not avoid the use of security applications and hardware regardless of virtual trends. Having a virtual expert will, therefore, help to boost your overall capacity and facilitate efficient access to essential business operations. With the pandemic, scalability and redundancy play a significant role more than ever before. 

During unprecedented times, a virtual app developer helps your business to explore excellent and latest cloud capabilities without crippling your budget. You can start slow with low commitment and focus on permanent or long term commitments later on. 

With remote and moving workloads on the cloud, focusing on enhanced security is of the great importance of a virtual developer. You and your business can access apps and enjoy a higher level of encryption, digital sign and data validation. With the help of a virtual app developer, you can maintain the best control of cryptographic keys as you move to the cloud and run your IT business during the pandemic. 

Maintain Redundancy 

Given the unprecedented and current coronavirus pandemic, redundancy is crucial for any IT environment and business. You cannot afford system failures, have to spend more time on backup resources that cause data interruption or run out of service. You would want to keep your infrastructure operational throughout.

When you hire a software development team, cryptographic key management will not be a problem. Instead, your business will benefit from responsive servers and quality data security infrastructure that cannot be compromised during such periods when cyber-crime related issues are on the rise. Your team can manage redundancy and data security options remotely and employ a hybrid approach, make the most of diverse set of tools to efficiently help your company to manage any issue that you come across. Most importantly, the team allows you to maintain redundancy and deliver quality IT services that meet the needs of your clients. 

Efficiently manage your IT operations/Data Centres 

Now more than ever, you need to closely monitor your IT operations and take note of any loopholes or spot extremes. Maintaining scalability allows you to adapt to higher work volumes. Hire dedicated mobile app developer and keep an eye on your resources, oversaturation and any offloading workloads in your data centres. Remember, malicious actors can easily ramp on your activities and data during times of crisis. They know these are times when most organizations focus are occupied otherwise. 

With your virtual employee, it is easy to maintain your data security, keep smooth and secure IT operations continuity and less effort will be spent during downtimes. Furthermore, a virtual expert or a dedicated team will explore the best innovative strategies that match the unique needs of your business. From apps that are customized for your operations and clients to innovations that match industry standards, you can rely on a dedicated app developer for quality services. 

Similarly, a virtual employee focuses on the foundation and flexibility of your business even at such challenging times. This is why the developer will take time to look at the different app development technologies including Javascript and Node JS among others to monitor your operations, ensure your business is running and offers the desired services to clients. With a flexible, professional and competent team, your business also benefits from IT solutions that are highly intuitive, scalable, user friendly and efficient. For your business to thrive and grow amid the crisis, you can work closely with your dedicated IT team remotely levering their experience. 

In a nutshell, for innovative and modern virtual app development and IT solutions that can enhance the continuity of your operations, you can trust a reliable virtual IT expert. This allows you to rely on experiences, expertise and trends that guarantee smooth operations, fast turnaround, and ensure your business success during and after the crisis. 

When you Hire Dedicated MEAN Stack Developers, you get a highly dedicated team of specialized app developers. The team prides in an array of industry expertise and verticals spanning over different IT, android app development industries including small, start-ups and well-established business. For your IT and business continuity, you can allow the team to transform your ideas into reality even in such unprecedented times.  


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