15 Experiences and Places You Should Not Miss In Your Life

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If you are a traveller, have you made a bucket list of places to visit and things to do? If not, what are you waiting for. Every traveller must have this list of things to not miss in life. From visiting DSF to base jumping from Angel Falls, it could be anything. Here’s a list of 15 things you should not miss in your life.

1. Shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival

Now,Guest Posting you may wonder what is so great about a shopping festival. Come to the Dubai Shopping Festival and find out. Grand opening ceremonies, crazy discounts, entertainment, and raffle draws where you can win cars and cash money, all of this goes on for a whole month. It is an experience like no other.

2. Bask Under the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most mysterious phenomenon. In the Arctic region, the sky gets lit up by strange green lights mixed with other colours. It looks like witnessing the birth of a rainbow. Today, there are many tours that take you to the region, so, getting here is easy. It will be one of your most cherished memories.

3. Trekking Expedition to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient city built in the Andes Mountains. Getting here will be one of the toughest challenges you’ll ever face. But all the effort is worth it after you see the amazing panoramic views, and the amazing archaeological sites in Machu Picchu. This is a must-visit place in South America.

4. Feel the Warmth of New Zealand’s Champagne Pool

New Zealand is a hot bed for volcanic activity. Therefore, there are many hot springs all over the country. The most famous of the all is the Champagne Pool. Located in the Northern Island, this hot spring gets its name because the bubbling water resembles champagne. Don’t swim in it though, it is too hot.

5. Tribal Life in Papua New Guinea

Despite so much development, Papua New Guinea has still remained tribal in their lifestyle. And this has become the main attraction. Today, there are still head hunting tribes in the country. However, it is safe to go here. But watching their traditions and partaking in their festivals is a thrill like no other.

6. Stroll Through Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes

If modern-day artists could imagine what Eden Garden looked like, they would paint it like Plitvice Lakes. Located in central Croatia, the Plitvice Lakes are lakes surrounded by thick, beautiful forests. The water streams into small cascades and waterfall, making for the most beautiful site you’ll ever see. If you love nature, you have to check this place out.

7. Boating Through the Amazon

The Amazon is the longest river in the world. It is also the life source of the Amazon forests. A boating expedition on the river is an unforgettable adventure. Why? Well, you will get to see crocodiles, piranhas, anacondas, capybaras, and other rare marine life. You’ll also get to see innumerable bird and animal species in just one trip.

8. A Visit to the Grand Canyon

We’ve seen it on TV, heard about it, and have seen pictures, and still, once you are here, the Grand Canyon will surprise you. It is nothing like anything you’ll ever see. Unsurprisingly, it is one of seven natural wonders of the world, and the most famous site in Arizona.

9. Hiking Through the Himalayas

The Himalayas are the world’s most formidable mountain range. The range sits like a crown on different countries like Nepal, India, Bhutan, and China. Each region has something unique to offer, and the views are probably the best in the world. This hike is a must for all mountaineers.

10. Up and Close the Great Barrier Reef

Australia can be scary, but it can also be amazingly beautiful. The Great barrier Reef is the world’s longest coral reef, and is home to rare ocean life. Pack on your scuba gear and dive into a world away from the world.     

11. Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

You might have snowboarded, or even sand boarded, but have you volcano boarded? The Cerro Negro volcano in León Nicaragua is the place for volcano boarding. Just climb up the 2,388 feet tall volcano, and come down at breakneck speeds. How many of your friends can brag of having done this?

12. Cruise Tour of Antarctica

The frozen continent is home to no one. The white desert remains unconquered. But today, there are cruise tours that take you Antarctica, where you can experience crazy temperatures, super cold winds and absolute solitude. This can be done only in 5 months through the year, so, book your tickets now.  

13. Base Jumping from Angel Falls

The world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, is home to best base jumping site. Just getting here is quite a task, which only adds to the adventure. The jump is a 2,648 uninterrupted fall alongside the waterfall. Now this is something you will not find anywhere else in the world.

14. Hot-air Balloon Rides in Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Too bad most people don’t know about it. But since you are reading about it here, book a tour and take a hot-air balloon ride over the natural chimney rock formations. Carry your camera.

15. Hob Nob with the Galapagos Islands’ Animal Inhabitants

This island Ecuador has wildlife, birdlife and marine life that can only be found here and nowhere else in the world. This is the place where Darwin studied and formed the theory of evolution. So, go there and see if you can come up with a even better theory.

Just like DSF, all these experiences are out this world amazing. Every traveller should do them once. It will be enriching beyond your imagination.

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