Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

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Annapurna best trekking trail in the world.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost



Nepal,Guest Posting this beautiful small landlocked country has been one of the best tourist destinations for years. It is a country that can never fail to mesmerize you. From the stunning mountains, green hills, historic places to the diverse culture of people, you get to enjoy every minute spent here.  There are hundreds of reasons why you must visit Nepal once in your lifetime. You have a wide variety of travel options in this peaceful birthplace of Buddha. From adventurous trekking’s in the mountains to the exploration of glorious cultures and way of life, you get to do it all here. There are some of the mesmerizing places that you never want to miss in your lifetime.

They say heaven is myth and Nepal is real. And being in this place for once only will make you realize this saying is true. The beautiful geographical variations, the highest mountains, small villages, and lands full of temples, wow Nepal is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  If you have not explored this small heaven yet, get ready to make your mind.

Trekking is becoming very popular day by day in the entire world. It not only makes you healthy and fit but also it allows you to explore the hidden parts of the world. You get to witness the beauty of nature. Also, you get to remain connected to nature and to your existence in this world. It is such a blissful feeling to be in the purest forms of nature like in the mountains, rivers, lakes, hills and green fields. It is just an amazing feeling to forget everything and remain in peace for a while. It lets you to remain calm, focused and much more energized for your next project. And because of all these reasons trekking is getting much more famous these days. You can go around hikes for a day if you have a very limited time. Or you can be at the most amazing and historic places like even Mount Everest. But for that, you just need to begin. Just go out for one trek and you will realize how mesmerizing it is.

And trekking is becoming an inseparable part of activities done in Nepal. Nepal, the land of Himalayas and the home to many natural beauties are just mesmerizing. And time and again it has proved just to be the best destination for such activities. It’s eight tallest mountain, ten world heritage sites, national parks and conservation areas, hills and amazing landscapes and many more thing makes it one of the most valuable travel destinations. Furthermore, it is also the home to rare wildlife, birds and plant species as well.

And especially for trekking, the completely natural and raw trekking routes are just so attractive. It is the best and most amazing place to be. There are so many things you can see and explore in this little country. It has a variety of landscapes where you can just enjoy your best time. You can reach to the tallest mountains of the world. And also, you can enjoy various helicopter treks if you want. The sunsets and sunrises in the snow-capped mountains are so eye-catching. It is just a soulful place to be. Furthermore, you can explore various cultures, traditions, and customs in this place. You can enjoy the local lifestyle and food as well. It is a complete package of travel, happiness, and peaceful memories.

Some beautiful places to explore in Nepal

There are so many places and travel options in this small country. The list is never-ending. From the short Shivapuri hike in Kathmandu to the Everest Base Camp trek, you can go anywhere. You can go anywhere and have the most amazing time. There are various places likeAnnapurna base camp Trekarea, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Manaslu trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Kanchanjunga Trek, Annapurna Circuit trek, etc. You can get the most amazing and spectacular views of nature in Nepal.

These treks are filled by the most amazing mountain views and breath-taking sceneries. It just makes you feel so satisfied to witness such great views. The beautiful routes filled with flowers and forest areas add attraction to the place. Along with all these, you can also get to see the rarest wildlife and birds during these treks. There are various places to enjoy the photography as well. Many successful photographers come to Nepal to capture these mesmerizing moments. In addition to that various YouTubers are seen to be making amazing Vlogs in their sites. And they all look so beautiful.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit is also known as one of the most beautiful treks in the country. Annapurna Circuit trek lies in the Annapurna Range of Nepal. It is truly mesmerizing and has the best view of nature. Visiting the Annapurna circuit trek is like seeing the world in a completely different and natural way. It is beyond wonderful. It is also known as a hidden treasure of Nepal. A short and sweet journey full of nature, culture, and adventure is Annapurna Circuit Trek. The entire route is filled with green forests, lakes, glaciers, Himalayan scenery and waterfalls. In addition to that, you can also enjoy a variety of unique cultures and customs during this journey. People of various ethnicity, caste, and creed like Tamangs, Gurungs, Lama’s, etc can be found here. You get to be part of their different interesting cultures and values. Also, you get to witness their different lifestyle and livelihood. Furthermore, it is always great to observe a beautiful scenario and different people there.

Being in Annapurna Circuit Trek is just like being part of precious nature and enjoying the present in the lap of Himalayas. Along with all these, you will also enjoy cold weather and amazing snow. You can have fun with the snow-flakes..Just like you do in Christmas right? You will be spending your time on the lap of gorgeous Himalayas, surrounded by green hills, waterfalls, etc. And this amazing trek will make you realize how tiny you are and how tiny is your existence.

Furthermore, there is one thing about this trek which you cannot miss. When you have walked this long way through all these amazing natural adventures, all you need a new hot meal. And trekking is famous in Nepal because of its food culture as well. The more variety of people of different ethnicities and religions live here, you get to taste the new and delicious meal as well. And during the Annapurna Circuit Trek as well, you get to enjoy this local delicious food. All the natural beauty, the mountain views, gorgeous landscapes to walk through and the mix of all cultural aspects. It is just a perfect destination for your next trip.

And during Visit Nepal 2020, we heartily welcome you to explore this beautiful country and

Why Annapurna Circuit Trek?


Presenting you following major reasons, why you must go on Annapurna Circuit Trek this year:

  1. Breath-taking natural beauty

The Annapurna circuit is amazingly beautiful. It is full of such breath-taking sceneries. The green savannas, mesmerizing waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful landscapes make this place like heaven. People from all over the world come to Nepal to witness such a great natural beauty and enjoy the few moments in such nature at least.


  1. River Valley

Annapurna Circuit is a river valley. It has two rivers around it. Marsyangdhi and Kaligandaki, the two famous rivers of this country are on the way to this Annapurna Circuit Area. It makes this place even more attractive. And also, widens the travel options.

  1. Mountain Views

Undoubtedly, the Annapurna Circuit trek provides you the best views of Annapurna Circuit and different other mountains. The views are clear and stunning. This is one of the important reasons why people visit the Annapurna Circuit area. The snow-capped mountains just look so perfect and dreamy. Especially when the sun shines above them, it makes you feel so heavenly. The rays of sun touching the white snow and falling down on you, this feeling is just precious

  1. Forest Areas and Wildlife

You will come across various dense forest areas on the way to Kathmandu to Annapurna Trek Area. These are the dense forest areas, far away from your city life. Also, if you are lucky enough you might get the views of rare wildlife and birds. You will see different kinds of trees, plants, and flowers as well. Overall, it completely seems like a small fairyland.

  1. Popularity

The Annapurna Circuit cost is highly popular all over the world. So, visiting such a prestigious trek is not only a matter of pleasure but also a matter of pride as well. So, its popularity is also a reason why many people visit this heavenly place.


Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

The cost of the Annapurna Circuit is not that high. It is affordable and attractive at the same time. The major cost of the Annapurna Circuit trek includes the shopping necessary material cost, transportation cost, various permit costs, travel insurance costs, etc. Also, such cost varies as per the weather or the months of travel.

Let me explain these costs in better ways.

Visa Costs: The first major costs of the trek will include Visa costs if you are a foreigner. The Average visa costs for 15 days will be USD15 and for 30 days will be USD40.

Average Trekking cost: Generally, the average trekking cost excluding travel insurance will be around USD 150 per person.

 Permit costs: Also, you need to permits to enter the area. These two are the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and the Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) permit. Both costs together cost around USD 50 per person.

So, these are the major costs involved in the trek. Furthermore, the other costs like food, lodging, travel guide, etc might be involved. Some companies include all these in the average trekking cost, while some might exclude. Also, the costs are generally calculated on the basis of driving, if you want flights within Nepal, the cost might increase. For more information and to know about the real-time actual detailed cost, please send us an enquiry. And, give us an opportunity to serve you.




And finally, after visiting these amazing places your trek to Annapurna Circuit Trek will be completed. And you will return back to home with lots of memories and happiness with you. At the end of this trek, you will be wiser in terms of your knowledge of nature and culture. Also, you will find yourself more much more connected to nature and its parts. It makes you realize that no matter where you are, or no matter where you go, you are inseparable of nature. And true happiness lies not being in big buildings and top-class offices, but in the silence of woods and in the laps of Himalayas.

Thus, this is an amazing trek comprising all the natural aspects. And it is available at the lowest cost possible. Furthermore, this beautiful journey not only includes the great mountains but you can also explore the local people and their livelihood. You get to stay in local guesthouses with cozy nice rooms and have amazing local foods. Apart from that, as the journey to Annapurna Circuit trek includes dense forest areas, you can also get a chance to see rare wildlife’s in the region. And the cloudy hills in the perfect weather and beautiful greenery make this place perfect to explore. This journey is a complete package of culture, adventure, and lifelong memories. Just a view to those deep, quiet and heavenly mountains can change a person’s perception towards life. When the rays of the sun touch the snowy White Mountains, it just gives a mesmerizing view to die for.


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