Bangalore Guide - Things to See and Do in the Garden City and Silicon Valley of India

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Bangalore is one of the most charming cities in South India. A distinctly modern city, it is known as the IT hub of the country with most top IT companies focussed there. Not just for professional, it is a great holiday spot for even those who want a piece of history. The temples, palace and various gardens in the city further add to its charm.  

A lot different from most other cities in the country,Guest Posting Bangalore has a distinct charm of itself. The city has been lucky to have received the first waves of modernization and also the first impetus of commercialization. Electricity first made its way to Bangalore and ever since the city has been heading in the race of modernity. The lovable climate made it a natural favorite for people and makes it a Pensioners' Paradise. The influx of people from all over made the city cosmopolitan and brought in the lively night life and a metro culture.

Though the city doesn't have much of those big and flashy monuments, there are quite a few that are worth visiting. Bangalore saw its best reign under Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali. Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace here is an interesting historical monument here. The Bull Temple in Bangalore is worth visiting not only for the spirituality it has to offer, but also for its architecture and art. The Nandi Statue is enormous and is kept shining with coconut oil anointments. The stately Vidhan Soudha is also a major architectural masterpiece and worth watching.

Bangalore can however, be best seen at the innumerable cafes and bars the city has come up with. Lounging in one of these hotspots in the city is relaxing and energizing too. Some of the star hotels here afford classy bars which offer some exotic spirits along with a dance floor and some jazzy music. There are some roof-top cocktail lounges also that let you enjoy your drinks as your admire the charming city line. Hookah lounges are also on the rise and are flocked by the young. The city also affords a good number of classy restaurants. Expect almost any kind of fare here. From the regional delicacies to International menus, the city has a place to offer you an authentic taste. Try the smaller locally famous restaurants for regional delicacies and the classy restaurants at hotels for some International specialties.

After all pub-hopping and eating out sessions, one can even think of a great shopping experience in Bangalore. The most happening and of course the busiest of shopping avenues are all concentrated around M.G. Road, Commercial Street, and Brigade Road. Shopping here means a plethora of choices. From street-smart stuff to the best of brands, these markets have it all. While MG Road is the classiest and busiest of all, Brigade Road and Commercial Street offer a wide range of brands as well as local stuff. They even have some of the best known local cafes and confectionaries selling some of the most tempting desserts at affordable prices. Bangalore has quite a few reputed showrooms for silk.

Being a major commercial hub and the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has always attracted a huge number of visitors. Seeing a good number of tourists in Bangalore, a large number of hotels have come up in the city. Spread out well, the hotels are present in almost all the major areas in the city and are offer a wide range to the tourists. From cheap hotels to good budget hotels, there are a lot many in Bangalore for the regular visitors or the budget conscious. For those who love to indulge in style and lavishness, there are a good number of opulent five star hotels too. Some of the best known names in the hospitality industry have found their way here and created luxurious properties.

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