Bargain Vacations: Your Dream Getaway on EBay

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Do you want to get away from the stress of daily life for a few days but do not think you have the money to do it? Think again.

eBay,Guest Posting the largest and most popular worldwide trading website, now offers people the opportunity to purchase vacation packages online at bargain prices.

Stay at a bed & breakfast, a hotel, or rent a house or condo. Purchase a trip to visit the sunny beaches of Florida, the tall mountains of Colorado, or the tropical islands of Hawaii. The possibilities are endless on eBay and chances are that if you have a destination in mind, you will be able to surf the website and find bargain prices for your vacation.

The travel section of eBay offers six sub-categories for vacation seekers to browse through. The airline section features airline tickets that people can either bid on or buy now. The section also includes flight-related items such as passport holders and other items for sale. The section offering cruises is where you will find vacation cruises listed for sale. Take a seven-day cruise to the Bahamas or jump on a boat for five days in the Caribbean. A cruise is a great way to kick back and relax in paradise.

The lodging section is where you will find the greatest variety of vacation destinations for sale. Currently there are 310 listings in the lodging section from everything to a condo for rent in Las Vegas to a four-night stay at a resort in Montego Bay. The highest priced vacation listed was a time share at a luxury resort in Scottdale, Arizona priced at $4,800. From there prices got considerably lower with only about ten other auctions priced at over $1,000. The bargains were extremely evident. A buyer could purchase a four night stay in Tampa, Florida for just $125 – it does not get much cheaper than that.

The luggage section typically has the most auctions and sales listed of all the sub-categories in the travel section. The luggage section is where you will find great deals on luggage to take with you on your bargain eBay vacation. Travel in style to your vacation destination with brand new luggage. The vacation package section features bargain packages for your vacation. Instead of only offering lodging, the auctions in the vacation package section typically offer all-inclusive vacations, usually at resorts or on cruise liners. The final sub-category in the travel section of eBay is the "other" travel section. Here you will find all other auctions that have to do with travel but do not fit into the usual travel categories. Some auctions in this section include coupon books, rental car vouchers, and other travel gear.

eBay auctions typically last for seven days but can be arranged for shorter amounts of time such as three days or five days. When you open an auction, it will let you know what day and time the auction ends and it will also provide you with a detailed description of everything the auction includes. If you choose to bid on the auction and you do not have an eBay account you will need to open an account. It is free to open an eBay account and once you open yours, you can bid on any auction you wish.

When placing a bid, the website will tell you the current price and what the next possible minimum bid is. Once you enter your bid, you will either become the highest bidder or you will be outbid by a previous bidder whose maximum bid was higher than yours. If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, the vacation becomes yours to enjoy. Buy It Now auctions on eBay allow you to make a purchase right away, rather than wait for an auction to end. The seller lists a set price that you can buy the vacation for at the current time. This method is more like a standard sale of an item, rather than a bidding auction.

For people interested in bargain vacations, take the time to browse through the travel eBay section. For those who have never used the World’s Largest Online Marketplace, you will most likely be pleasantly surprised with what you find on eBay.





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