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The 1825 Inn B & B is recommended to anyone who wants a good dose of serenity. Just gaze at the beautiful blooming gardens situated around the property. The porch is illuminated with candles at night. It is a place where you can spend relaxing times with good friends.

      We are all searching for contentment. The contentment we desire exists on many levels: Emotional,Guest Posting financial, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and occupational. A charming Bed and Breakfast Inn can provide one of the most fulfilling, relaxing, and contented vacations you can take, and it need not be thousands of miles away. Sustainable contentment is an array of attitudes, behaviors and wisdom, which when put into practice creates a state of serenity. Everyone wants to live a fulfilling life. We all have objectives, goals, and dreams whether business or personal. In this highly stressful and tension-filled world, there can often be nothing more desirable than to take some rest in aesthetic surroundings.   

      By granting yourself permission to get away from the commotion, noise, and the accelerated pace of city life; to feast your eyes on meandering coastlines, tree-filled forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, or picturesque towns ~ no matter who you are, you can enhance your capacity for contentment. Clean air, roaring fireplaces, satisfying food and tranquil surroundings can provide the perfect sanctuary to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries.   

      Depending on where you live, you may not need to venture too far to find your ideal getaway destination. There are inns set in lovely towns in various parts of the country. If you live in the Southwestern United States, for example, Arizona, California, New Mexico or the Rockies of Colorado all provide a breathtaking canvas for a delightful vacation. If you are based in a more Easterly region, you can travel to Georgia, Arkansas or Ohio. If you are able to travel by air, and do not mind spending the extra money, you can try out several different locations in the mid-west, mid-Atlantic or East coast and see which suits you best.   

      A Bed and Breakfast Inn vacation can also be ideal for families, but make sure in advance that the property will allow children. Because many people visit a Bed and Breakfast to enjoy peaceful and quiet surroundings, there are some innkeepers who will not welcome children. But you can find some nice facilities that do accept families.   

      Bed and Breakfast Inns that renew, recharge and rejuvenate are by no means restricted to those people looking for peaceful reflection and solitude. Many activities will be available in the area, including shopping, performing arts, galleries, hiking, mushroom hunting, wine-tasting, biking, tennis, golf and walking. Some properties tend to be near water, and often that water will be conducive to fishing, kayaking, swimming and water sports. Sightseeing tours, activities, entertainment, spa treatments, and restaurant reservations and can usually be booked and taken care of by the innkeeper.   

      If water and nature are not for you, try many of the purely local activities, which will be explained by the innkeeper. Without a doubt, there will never be a lack of interesting or fun ways to spend your time. Although some B & B's can be historic or rural, they come equipped with modern conveniences and comfort is assured. You will enjoy luxury linens, inviting decor, and even a relaxing massage can be made available through your hosts. It is your opportunity to take the break you deserve in rejuvenating surroundings. After your stay, return to your daily life with renewed enthusiasm, and inspiration. If you want to feel recovered and invigorated then treat yourself to a nice getaway at a charming Bed and Breakfast Inn.   

      FEATURED PROPERTY:  It is clear that the owner of the 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast, in Hershey, Pennsylvania finds great importance in the place that he has chosen for his B & B. The inn is casual, quiet, unpretentious, comfortable, and superbly located close to the Hershey attractions. The grounds and facilities of the 1825 Inn B & B in Hershey, PA are easy on the eyes, and a relaxing atmosphere is evident throughout the inn. More importantly, the service is considered warm, welcoming, and impeccable. Honeymooners come here to create memories that last a lifetime. Anniversary couples return year after year to escape from the everyday pressures of work and the hustle and bustle of city life. They come to spend quality time with each other. The 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast is the perfect getaway for visitors whose ideal vacation is to just sit back and relax, but it is also the best vacation possible for those who want to make the most of their precious time together. Lancaster is 45 minutes away, and Gettysburg is a one-hour drive.   

      Prior to arriving, guests typically receive an e-mail from the inn with a list of restaurant links. The inn asks guests in advance if they have any special requests. The inn is happy to accommodate special dietary needs, such as for vegetarian, low-fat, gluten-free, or low-sugar meals.  Upon arrival into the common area, visitors are familiarized with the property, and the history of the inn. The staff makes guests feel welcome with a tour. Before being escorted to their rooms, the staff explains the breakfast routine, other particulars and activities available in the area.  The 1825 Inn B & B is recommended to anyone who wants a good dose of serenity. Just gaze at the beautiful blooming gardens situated around the property. The porch is illuminated with candles at night. It is a place where you can spend relaxing times with good friends.   

      SUMMARY: the 1825 Inn B & B is a prime 186-year-old property nestled adjacent to Hershey, Pennsylvania. The historical B & B offers the tranquility and comfort of the country, yet is near all the city conveniences. You can hear the geese calling in the distance. Some rooms have a fireplace, a separate sitting area, and large Jacuzzi tub. In addition to main-house rooms, guests can stay in Cottage rooms, away from the main inn, which gives visitors a sense of privacy, space and romance. The inn features sumptuous dining including a fantastic three-course breakfast. This along with great service makes for a delightful B & B experience.   

      ROOMS: In addition to the spacious comfort, the rooms are immaculately clean, and airy, decorated with tasteful decor and furniture. The swing or backyard gazebo offers superb views of the property overlooking gardens, trees, & star-filled nights. Some rooms have private entrances. Rooms come equipped with free WiFi, cable TV and DVD player. Bathrobes and signature toiletries are provided along with hairdryers. There is a refrigerator in the common area.   Heirlooms, antiques, local artwork and handicrafts, evident throughout the property, provide a glimpse into the inn’s history and regional culture. The property has several small gardens, and a lovely fountain.  All during your stay you can partake of complimentary tea, and beverages. Upon request rooms come with a lovely bouquet of flowers and gold wrapped chocolates.    

      SERVICE: Great service with a warm smile. The Innkeeper is well known for his genuine hospitality. The innkeeper is knowledgeable and provides efficient service to all of his guests.   

      AMENITIES: Known for an exceptional, and hearty three-course breakfast. Decadent French toast, and baked turkey & apple sausage, are some of the items served. The owner collects antique furnishings and quilts that are interspersed around the house. The parlor is the ideal reading room for visitors. It’s a peaceful room with a variety of different books, board games, magazines and DVD’s. People like to read on the porch or the garden swing. 24 hours a day, Hot tea, iced tea, hot chocolate, beverages and baked goods are served on the garden porch.     

      LOCATION: The location is flawless for those who want to get away and feel removed from everyday anxiety and stress. The location is so convenient and comfortable that it is tempting to just stay inside and relax, but don't do it. There is a lot to see and do in the area. The Hershey attractions are nearby. The inn’s close proximity to town gives you access to restaurants, wineries, and local culture. When you feel like stretching your legs a bit more, shopping is a few miles away, as are some of the well-established galleries. Jewelry, quilts, local products, antiques and paintings are available in town.    

      CLEANLINESS: The inn is known to be spotless, especially the guestrooms. The gardens with natural plantings throughout are attractive. The beds and herb gardens on the property are maintained. Overall everything, including the town, is quite picturesque.  

      VALUE: Compared to a standard hotel room, this property provides excellent value with a sense of town & country warmth. The rooms are designed to make guests feel relaxed, and cozy. The personal attention makes the difference. The guests appreciate being asked if they are comfortable. The staff is helpful without being intrusive.    

Contact:  Will McQueen, 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast, 409 S. Lingle Ave., Hershey, PA  17078, Toll Free 877-738-8282, Local 717-838-8282, Email:, ~~ Twitter ~~ Facebook ~~ rates: $124-$249 depending on room.   

By: C.J. Good ~ Author, "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment," available on Amazon.    

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