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Private Islands aren’t abundant,Guest Posting since clearly they are quite limited and comes in overwhelming price ranges. However if you are dreaming of an island for your own and perhaps something for you family as well and for friends to visit every now and then, there is a place in Central America that just might hook your impeccable taste.Belize is south of Mexico and borders Guatemala and other Caribbean places such as Nicaragua and others. It is one of the world’s most luscious and protected areas that give refuge to endangered species. The country has a population of 300,000 approximately and has tourism and foreign expatriates to bring in most of the revenue. Belize is a young country receiving full internal self-government under a ministerial system was granted in January 1964. The official name of the territory was changed from British Honduras to Belize in June 1973, and full independence was granted on September 21, 1981. Now, Belize real estate has opened its market for everyone.Getting a private island or private caye in Belize is rather easy. There are a lot of small cayes and islands available on sale though what’s really nice to have is a private caye with Sanctuary Belize, a community in southern Belize in the heart of Stann Creek District.This community boasts of a 14,000 acre land and only 3000 acre to be developed, having private cayes on sale in this thriving community. Although there are cayes somewhere else, being a member of Sanctuary Belize has a lot of benefits. It’s as though the whole community is yours. Aside from the island one can roam around their Marina Village that has complete materials, ingredients or equipments that one might need in a beautiful and scenic place. Other than that, there’s the equestrian centre where one can ride a horse and discover the breath taking surroundings of the community. The Mayan ruins are only a few hours away, so if you feel like leaving your island for some ancient adventure no one’s stopping you. The resorts and spas in the community are considered top in the world and are exclusive for members only. If that doesn’t excite you enough you can also try visiting their wild life reserves dedicated to jaguars and other endangered animals such as birds with the oddest bird calls. One can camp in Cocksomb Wild life sanctuary and spend the night with the music of nature as though dozens of birds have organized an orchestra. Private islands here can have their own hangars so you don’t have to worry about where your private jet would land, it could very much land on your island or your front yard if ever you want to build a house on your own caye. You also don’t have to worry about the impact it will create against nature, the development team here puts nature on top priority and makes houses and structures using eco-friendly materials.

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