Camping Gifts

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One of my favorite memories when I was young was going camping with my family.


Camping Gifts


One of my favorite memories,Guest Posting when I was young, was going camping with my family. Fun in the sun playing while the grownups sit relaxing watching us; swimming, boating, and fishing in the water; hiking through the woods; sitting around the campfire telling stories, and star gazing.


Gifts for Campers and Hikers:


Now that I am older when I'm considering gifts for others I draw from those memories trying to facilitate building great memories and share my gypsy soul with family and friends. So I consider Camping Gifts. When I think of camping I think of roughing it and getting off the grid but a lot of people think of modern and high tech gadgets to make for better experiences.


Considering a list of all the things that someone would want on a camping trip has a wide range of ideas. Ideas such as simple as a cooking pot to solar charge stations for electronic devices.


To explore unique gift possibilities I make a list of useful items before I shop. Sometimes as I am shopping I find other ideas that I haven't even considered! Here is a list of ideas I've come up with:


- Portable Fire Pit

- Cookware

- Campfire Cookbook

- Personal Porta Pottie

- Water Shoes

- Floating Devices

- Sleeping Bag

- Hammock

- Tent

- Camp Chairs

- Solar Charging Back Pack

- Food Storage

- Beverage Storage

- First Aid Kit

-Tool Kit

- Personal Toiletries Items and Storage

- Telescope

- Camara


I like the idea of taking away only memories, killing nothing, and leaving only footprints.


Many states have regulations that prohibit picking flowers, cutting down trees, bringing firewood from other places, building open fires, or leaving trash. I even know someone that was fined for picking up a feather as a souvenir of the trip! Beware of the laws of the land and respect nature in the only way nature can bring. Leave things better than you found them!


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