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Canada immigration has changed the rules of the game for immigration seekers. It’s actually true that all over the world immigration seekers are happy with changes in Canada immigration.

In fact,Guest Posting the IRCC is making changes to encourage immigration. In these three months, the numbers of ITAs generated has enhanced to 24,652, whereas for the past year, 2016, it was 9,465, for the same 3 months of January-March.

As per the new category of changes which have been made, the immigration seekers have many benefits:

These changes have already been implemented from June 6.

  • The candidates who have proficiency in the French language will now get more preference under the new rules. The candidates will also need to corroborate their proficiency in the English language however. The needs of the candidates to fulfill French language proficiency through the TEF which stands for Test d’Évaluation de Français. The candidates however need to score 4 in this test along with CLB 4(4.5 in listening, 3.5 in reading and 3 in rest of the sections) which will make them get 15 points On the other hand, candidates who are able to get 4 in TEF with CLB 5 or higher can get 30 points .
  • Candidates who already have siblings living in Canada will also get extra points. The candidates can get 15 points if they have a sibling who is living in Canada under a PR and is more than 18 years old.  These points are also applicable if the candidate has a spouse’s sibling residing in Canada.
  • The Canada government has made the rules much more lenient. Earlier the candidates for Canada immigration had to get themselves registered with the Job bank of this country in case they didn’t have a job. However, now no registration with Job Bank is required prior to applying for this country. The employers are now expected to use other recruitment protocols and job bank to get to the talented workers required for their jobs.

The capability of French has also gained importance for the PNP program of the Ontario province. Under that, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee program needs a CLB of 7 in French and CLB 6 in the English language.

However, the allotment of just 15/30 points for French language proficiency won’t affect the Canada immigration system at all. An immigration advisory firm can affect your chances of getting Canada immigration and make you understand all the point-scores as well.

A visa consultancy can help you very well in this regard. It can make sure that your application does not lack on any points. Its important to understand the role of immigration advisors in formulating your application.

Its important to understand the immigration procedures for Canada before submitting your application. Its because the application fee for a single applicant is 390 CAD which is Rs  23 333,51 when converted to Indian rupees. Its important to know that this money can go wasted if your immigration application does not conform to the rules. This wont happen in the case of your application filed by Immigration consultants.

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