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Chardham Yatra remains as the holiest pilgrimage trip till date for any pious Hindu. Reaching the Chardhams transcending all the perils and hardships of the rugged route is indeed a test of your devotion and religious endurance. To make the Chardham yatra hassle-free, more organized and successful in every way, read on to learn some vital tips

The four sacred locations of Chardham draw millions of tourists worldwide during the tourist season. The four spots,Guest Posting namely, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath, are situated on the upper Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Each year, devotees start for a pilgrimage to Chardham to attain the peace of mind. Every devout Hindu feels the urge to complete the Chardham yatra at least once in their lifetime. The great devotion towards God pulls the pilgrims to their Lord through the ragged and unpredictable terrain of the Himalayas. The beautiful Himalayan landscape lets one forget all the labours of the road and renews the vigour and vitality of one’s tired mind and body. Since, the journey is tiresome, it is important to keep handy the important travel tips to make the journey memorable in a good way.

Here are few travel tips, as mentioned below, to make your journey a happy one.

Health and fitness:
The prime concern for the safe journey to Himalayas is maintaining a robust health. It is important to start exercise sessions and yoga to steer clear of any heath related problems that may arise after. There are many people with high altitude sickness which results in shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and headache. Also, the journey through the mountains may mean all day long trekking which may prove troublesome who do not travel often. For this reason, it is important to stay for a couple of days in the lower Himalayas to acclimatize one’s body with the mountain weather. To climb the mountains, it is needed to be disciplined to the core. Everyone should refrain from any activity that may prove delirious for the body. It is needed to be in perfect health to travel through the mountains.

Every tourist must carry a first aid kit with them (available at pharmacies). Antiseptic cream, wound disinfectant, iodine, ddhesive role and strips, gauge pads, foot and blister cream, band-aids, antibiotics like Triethoprim or sulphamethoxazole, anti-inflammatory medicines like Avil, Brufen, etc.

Carry pouch:
Although the porters carry the bags, yet it is important to carry some things in a carry pouch while trekking. Important medicines, food items like dry fruits, biscuits, lozenges, Dehydration salt packets, bottled water etc. In addition, scissors and knife, waterproof matches, safety pins, thermometer, lighter, neoprene powder and cream. Inhaler, Vicks vapuorub, etc. should be carried along in the pouch. Also, keep small amount of cash too, it might be needed to pay for tea in the roadside shacks, or for ride on a mule/doli.

The temperature of Chardhams dramatically drop every time so must carry warm woolen clothes, woolen socks , woolen cap, hand gloves to protect yourself from extreme cold of hight altitude Uttarakhand Chardham Yatra.

It is important to carry your insurance papers with you lest any untoward event takes place. Mediclaim for health related hazards, tourist insurances for any accident or hospitalization will prove useful in any unfortunate events. So, it is advised to consult your lawyer and keep the papers handy.

It is important to carry your mobile phones to keep in contact with the other family members. If possible, take a BSNL number, as during any connection fault, it is the only service than keeps working in major hazards too.

Take your camera with you to capture the exotic beauty of the Himalayas. But, photography is not allowed within temples and around defence settlements. It is advisable to not photograph anything that may land you in legal trouble.

You should arm yourself well to defend yourself from the rough terrain and the equally unpredictable weather. You should carry warm clothing like woolen jackets, woolen pants, pullover sweater, windproof jacket, monkey cap, muffler, thermal vest, woolen socks, gloves, raincoat, sunglasses, sun-hat, binoculars, notebook, enough cash, knife, etc.

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