Clever tips for India travel during 2020

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As everthing in the world is changing now, so here we are going to give some clever tips for travel in india during this year. Go through this article and enjoy reading.

Westerners often have several good and bad things in mind that they have heard from their friends and family about India. Rather than trusting the reliable sources of information,Guest Posting people often fall for media propaganda and develop a negative image of the country. However, the fact of the matter is that India is indeed a beautiful country and you must visit it once in your life with the due tips in mind, of course.

English is the second language

If English is your first language, you would love to communicate with the Indians who can speak English quite well. The language is taught in the schools along with Hindi and other regional languages.

Travel during good seasons

Depending on the season you love, you may want to travel during winters, early summers, or late summers. Monsoons are not really pleasant for the travellers because of the infrastructural issues. And you must bring adequate clothing according to the temperature in the city where you are headed.

Traveling in public transport

If you opt to travel in the Indian railways, you must not trust anyone with your bags even while going to the washroom. You may want to lock your luggage to your birth or anywhere else possible. While going to the washroom, you may want to take your handbag along with you and ask someone to keep an eye on your locked luggage. If you want to make bookings for buses, self-drive cars in Dehradun, or trains to Delhi, etc. you may want to use several mobile apps that are designed for the purpose. You must check if the apps accept your foreign cards or they take cash.

Booking hotels

Most hotels accept cash on arrival if you make advance bookings after providing your credit card details. There were days before the internet era when you could just show up at a hotel and negotiate for the price of the hotel room. If you were lucky, you could find a hotel at a cheap price. However, using the internet, you can not only find hotels according to your budget, but also book them in advance.

Beware of scammers

Fraudsters and scammers are there in different forms in almost every tourist destination of the world. Even though you must be prepared to beware of them, you may get scammed a couple of times. Do not get anxious over it and never judge the entire country over it. It is a part of tourism to get scammed in the current times because there is always someone cleverer than you, though it doesn’t justify the crime. Give some time to the world and we will live in a better place.  

Dress according to the locals  

If you are a woman, you must observe the local women and dress accordingly. The rules are different for every city and village, and you must follow them to be safe. If you are a man, you may not follow many rules to be safe. It is a sorry fact of India, but it is true.

In the land of Indians, it is better to be one among them, even though you may never be exactly like them. Indians are very hospitable, barring a few exceptions, and you may want to honour their hospitality by just being polite to them. 

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