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Alba, Scotia - Scotland. This Gaelic land has much to offer for those who are prepared to find it. Scenery and history are two things that put Scotland in a league of their own and ensures there is something of interest for all, but what is the best way to see this country?

Certainly one option is to take one of the many coach tours that operate in the highlands and allow you to see much of this wonderful country.Is a coach holiday for me?A coach holiday or tour may not be for everyone. You do have to be prepared to spend quite a lot of time within the coach,Guest Posting with other people and their foibles. You are on someone else’s timescale and you can't just 'deviate off route' if you fancy it. It's not the sort of holiday that you would take your children on, or if you want to lay on a beach!However...If you want to see parts of a country that you didn't know exist, have an informed guide on hand to answer your questions and to be sharing this experience with like minded people, then this could be something worth investigating. Most tours are between 5 and 8 days, so you can expect busy schedules and packed itinerariesScottish ToursHighland Tours - these are of course some of the more sought after tours that operate in Scotland. Snow-capped hills and mountainous terrain (the highest elevations in the British Isles) offer phenomenal scenery; scenic trails to enjoy and clear running water through the Spey Valley. While here it would of course be criminal not to visit the Whisky Country and enjoy a wee dram or two at the Glenfiddich Distillery. Lochs and Glens abound, this is a place you must not forget your camera!While in the area you may be lucky enough to visit Dunoon, which has been labelled as the 'Gateway to the Highlands'. Here you can be introduced to the Cowal Peninsula. Bays, parks, promenades all await you as well as a visit to the renowned Loch Lomond and Island of Bute.Coastal Scotland - The western shores of Scotland offer a tour for those scenery lovers who like a rugged coastline. You can relax and enjoy panoramic views and also the sunsets at the end of the day. The perfect time to share a drop of wine with your travelling companions! Many tours also often the chance to hope across the puddle and see the coast of Ireland, taking in the incredible Giant’s Causeway en route.North Western Scotland - For those of us who can imagine Pangaea, you can see scenery relating to the Norwegian fjords - mountains dipping straight into the water and lochs that bite into the coastline. See Ullapool and enjoy the Gaelic and English signs while local fishermen bring in their haul in the picturesque harbour of a timeless village. Friendly people and serene views make this a must not miss stop.This is just the scratching of the surface for Scottish coach tours and there are of course many variations to choose from. Just remember that there is a world to see out there and you need to find the best way for you to see it - perhaps a coach tour?

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