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India is a place of cultural ethics,Guest Posting historical monuments, and magnificent temples. People from distant places come here to see the beauty of India. Temples and monuments are the major target spots for every tourist. Jammu and Kashmir is always known for its beauty, and every tourist wants to visit the heaven in earth and also wants to visit the holy shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi situated a bit away from the town of Katra in the city of Uddhampur. This holy shrine is 98 feet long and has been built by the five Pandavas according to the epic grantha – Mahabharata. Tourists from diverse places reach this place to see this holy shrine and to get some blessings of Goddess Vaishno Devi. Tourists from Delhi can easily reach this place by taking Delhi Katra taxi service.

Katra is actually the main base station to reach the holy shrine. Devotees can reach this station easily by using any mode of transport, but to reach Goddess, it is a bit hard, because goddess Vaishno Devi is sitting 2500 feet above from land. Tourists can reach Jammu and can take public or private transport from there to reach the cave of goddess. The exact distance from Jammu is 48 km and from Katra tow it is 13 km. At present, one can also travel in railways to reach the town Katra, but to reach the cave one has to travel 13km on foot or if one is not able to walk, then the tourist can also take other mediums like horses. Goddess Shakti has been worshipped in three forms, Mata Saraswati, Mata Laxmi and Maha Kaali.

This Town is filled with lord’s blessings, and after seeing Goddess cave, one can go for other places like; Jahan Kosh Katra – it is famous for its 17.5 feet long Jahan Kosh and magnificent mosque, Aghar jitto Katra – Shrine of Baba Jitto, who was a devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi, Dera baba banda Katra – Sikh pilgrimage frequently visited by the tourists. Tourists can also go for Baba Dhansar Katra, as it is a beautiful place for the nature lovers for its lush green trees and the picturesque prettiness of this place. Tourists come here to reach their spirituality level to an extent.

People travel from all over the world and the inhabitants of India also visit this holy place frequently. People from Delhi can visit this place by public transport or by using private vehicles like; rental cars. One can easily get rental cars through internet. One can search through various websites and can choose one of them according to their budget and timings. Nowadays people can book their tickets sitting at home, and the dealers provide better means of tourism to the customer. Commuter can enjoy the ride as well as one can easily get to know about every destination and their history, and recognize the spiritualism of the holy place. One just has to select a dealer and has to call them or can fill the application online; which has some simple and easy procedures, once all the things are done, the tourist will receive a phone call from the dealers end for the confirmation of the car, and Delhi to Katra Taxi fair is as low as one can fit it in their budget.

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