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Additional informations for Photographers;

  • Forget the rule of having the sun at your back while taking photos. Yes you would want to have your subject fully illuminated, but you won’t be able to capture shadows from the camera’s perspective. Lack of shadows may give you a great subject portrait, but it will lack the depth.
  • For best results, keep the camera perpendicular to the light. This helps to get the best shadow and details in your photos. For example, when light falls on left side of the subject, the right side will cast a shadow which creates a sense of depth and detail in the picture.

  Desert Safari Promo AED 55

First of all Desert Safari Promo Dubai ,Guest Posting in a way, a signature mark for Emirates tourism. For anyone visiting Dubai, desert safari dubai are an experience they must explore. They offer an endless dose of epic adventure and thrill for travelers and tourists. Also Arabian Safari brings you a chance to experience such an exhilarating adventure through its number of desert safari tour packages. In addition Cruise through the golden sands of the Arabian Desert experiencing the thrill of dune bashing along the way.

Desert Safari Booking Types

Evening Desert Safari

It’s a must do activity if you want to memorise something for lifelong. If you are planning to visit Dubai, try out fun and excitement by organizing evening desert safari. Starting in the afternoon, you will have to rest at the first destination near a camel farm. Get a chance to experience sunset in the ocean of desert, enjoy camel ride and sand boarding. Try out beautiful henna design on hands and feet. Indulge yourself in a mood of celebration with delicious barbecue and shisha. Watch a belly dancer performing on Arabic tunes right at campsite.

Morning Desert Safari

Due to busy schedule, many people don’t get time to plan for evening desert safari. Therefore, they can enjoy Morning desert safari which offers interesting adventure tour. The desert safari provides about 20 minutes of exciting dune bashing along with electrifying camp journey where you can enjoy quad biking, camel ride and sand skiing. Morning safari can vary according to your package tour. On an average, some of the companies offer about 2-hour package journey. It is a right option for those who are not interested for dinner and camping.

Private Desert Safari

Usually desert safari tour are taken in groups, however if someone wishes to explore the sandy terrain exclusively with their family and/or friends, a private desert safari can be arranged for such tourists. Private Desert Safari Dubai can be arranged for any of our desert safari packages including the evening, morning and overnight desert safaris. The Private Desert Safari Package allows you to enjoy the whole trip exclusively with your friends and family. You will get the whole 4×4 luxury vehicle to yourself that can accommodate up to seven people. In doing so, you can experience all activities at your own pace and according to your personal preference.

Overnight Desert Safari

Explore the Arabian Desert in the night sky when everyone is resting in the camp. Don’t forget to carry camera to capture some memories of sunrise in the sandy desert of Dubai. Try out henna designs, traditional costumes, and camel rides. After taking a complete dinner, you can sit alone to feel the sound of wind striking to sand in the calm night. If you like dancing, watch a few steps of belly dance performer. Enjoy dune bashing and sand skiing. Don’t forget to take sleeping bags and blankets for night stay.

Most of all, capture your memories with the majestic scenery with a number of photo stops along the way. Explore the Desert Safari Dubai on its native ride i.e. the camel, and experience the mystic Bedouin life in traditionally styled camps. In addition to this exciting adventure we have feasts and festivities for you in store as well.

On reaching the campsite you will be served with unlimited refreshments followed by a scrumptious BBQ and buffet dinner. Especially you will also be able to see a mesmerizing show of belly dancing and an enthralling fire and Tanoura. Other activities include henna painting and shisha smoking and quad biking and sunset photography etc. Obviously all this combined with a promised dose of fun and adventure awaits you on your Dubai’s Desert Safari Tour.

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