Explore Tasmania at Night: Top Things to Do

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Indulge in some of the best things to do at night in Tasmania– Hobart Dinner Cruises, stargazing, penguin tours etc!

From the astounding Wineglass Bay to the flawless alpine lakes carved by glaciers,Guest Posting Tasmania is home to some of the most remarkable natural wonders in the world. This island state of Australia is almost 300kms away from the mainland and has vast expanses of windswept wilderness and national parks along with numerous World Heritage areas. While one can enjoy these incredible sights at daytime, the fun doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. For the night owls who like to revell after dark here are some must-try activities in and around the city.


Cruise with the Family

There’s no better time to go out in a city like Hobart than at night when the city starts to really show off its beauty. The vast city skyline with a setting on the riverfront makes for incredible views especially at night, under the shimmering skies, and a great way to admire this beauty is on the Hobart Dinner Cruises. Round up your favourite group of people for a mesmerising two-hour on the splendid River Derwent enjoying views of both South and North ends of the waterways. This relaxing dinner cruise is one of the star attractions among tourists as well as locals and is an ideal way to enjoy the lit-up city skyline. After settling in with a glass of drink you can click awesome snaps set against the gorgeous city backdrop before getting ready for the highlight of the evening, the delectable three-course menu! In addition, you can also listen to the informative commentary about the city and the sights you witness as you savour the delicious array of dishes. All these evidently make the dinner cruise in Hobart a must-try, so don’t miss out and grab your seats today!


Sight a Penguin

On the East Coast of Tasmania lies a paradise for animal lovers! Most of us love animals especially if it's a cuddly critter like penguins, whom we all grew up loving. They are all over fantasy and animated movies and even in books. They made us believe that sighting one would only happen in places like the Antarctic but that is only true until you head to Tasmania! The coastline of the city is home to the irresistibly cute “fairy” penguins, who are named so due to the fact that they are the tiniest species of penguins in existence. They can be seen coming back to the coastline after feeding in the ocean and the penguin tours lead you right up to it, literally! You’ll be even closer to the creatures than you would ever be at a zoo but bear in mind not to use flashy cameras as they are known to bite!



One not-to-be missed experience when you’re on a Tassie getaway is swinging by the incredible Cradle Mountain for an extraordinary stargazing session. This is a popular hiking spot for tourists in the daytime but at night when the stars start to dazzle the mountains come alive! You might even feel like someone has dropped a large tub of glitter in the sky! What makes it even more special is that if you are lucky you might even catch a  glimpse of the Southern Lights, or the Aurora Australis! These fluorescent lights are very rare to sight but they are at their strongest during the months of May-August as well during September's spring equinox. Coles Bay is also a popular stargazing and aurora-sighting hotspot but wherever you end up for the night you are guaranteed a night to remember as you'll be treated to some incredible views of the clear sky which is second to none.


Bonus: Tasmania has endless natural wonders waiting to be discovered at night including the bioluminescent plankton-inhabited Kingston Beach, Hope Beach and Adventure Bay. The city also has whiskey as its staple in exports so you can also head to their many distilleries and taste some of the unrivalled selections of whiskies!


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