Florianopolis Brazil Vacation Destination

Oct 4


Don Guy

Don Guy

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Florianopolis Brazil, is a famous vacation destination for all of Brazil and Argentina and is quickly gaining popularity among the rest of the world. Known as the safest city in Brazil, Florianopolis is a large island with 42 beautiful beaches with great surfing and some of the best nightlife in South America. Come enjoy Florianopolis before it's discovered by the rest of the world and becomes another Rio De Janiero.


If I could take a vacation anywhere I wanted,Florianopolis Brazil Vacation Destination Articles it would be to Florianopolis, a subtropical island in south Brazil. I've traveled all over the world, mostly to tropical areas, and with everything considered, Florianopolis is, by far, my favorite vacation destination in the world.

Florianopolis (mostly a large island) is the city capitol of Santa Catarina state in south Brazil. It has rolling hills and mountains covered in lush green jungles & forest. Florianopolis is the safest city in Brazil and is mostly a large island that resides just off the coast but is connected to the continent by a bridge.


Florianopolis Island has 42 beautiful beaches with some of the best surf in Brazil. It is also home to the most beautiful women in Brazil and some of the best nightlife in South America so you can see how the qualities of this amazing place are coming together, especially for young singles looking for an action-packed vacation.

The beaches in Florianopolis are simply amazing. Brazil's environmental laws prohibit building within 100 yards of the beach so most of the beaches are surrounded by lush jungle, making nearly every beach very beautiful and similar in appearance to beaches in Costa Rica. On just about every popular beach, you'll find at least one restaurant on the sand that doubles as a bar. In high season (Dec-Feb) they will usually have DJs spinning at these beach bars and beginning around 2 pm, people will gather at the bars and the party will begin with drinking & dancing into the sunset. When the sun begins to go down, beachgoers start heading home to prepare for the famous Florianopolis nightlife.


In Brazil, people don't start going out until midnight, which works out great for Americans who are used to getting a much earlier start. This means it's easy to beat the crowd in high season, where lines to enter a nightclub can be a 50-100 yards long after midnight. Unlike nightclubs in the USA (where the beautiful women walk right past the line), Brazil has so many beautiful women, they get no special treatment here and have to stand in line with everyone else. And since Florianopolis is mostly women, naturally the lines at the nightclubs are also mostly women. It's an unusually pleasant sight for any tourist to see.


Ok, so the bottom line is this... If you're looking for a combination of adventure activities, such as surfing, sunbathing, fishing, sight seeing, river rafting, paragliding, sand boarding, woman chasing, and some of the best nightlife in South America, then without a doubt, Florianopolis Brazil is a vacation destination you've got to check out. Here you will discover all the best Brazil has to offer wrapped up into a single, beautiful, safe, subtropical island location.

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