Grand Canyon River Rafting Tours - Useful Tips

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Why not consider going for a rafting tour while coming to the Grand Canyon? It's completely possible, and can be done in only 1 day. Get more information. Check out this article.

Few places on Earth are as beautiful as Arizona's Grand Canyon. Millions of people travel to the 277-mile long canyon each year in order to behold its majestic splendor. The Colorado River carved the canyon from rock millions of years ago,Guest Posting and today the river meanders along the floor of the canyon, making it the ideal location to go smooth-water rafting. Grand Canyon water rafting tours operate from March through November. They depart from Tusayan, Arizona, which is just outside of the main gates and home to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport.These are tranquil, smooth-water rafting adventures, not the more dangerous white-water rafting expeditions. These canyon rafting trips are hugely popular because there is no risk of encountering rough water or rapids.In fact, they're so popular that you'll want to book your rafting trip in advance. Every so often you'll run into a traveler who booked their seats a year ahead, but I usually suggest booking a week or two in advance. The motorized rubber pontoon boats only seat 19, and between that and their popularity, the tours sell out quickly.These smooth-water adventure experiences aren't outrageously expensive. Rates vary by tour company, but you should be able to get a package deal for under two hundred dollars. A basic canyon rafting tour typically includes park fees, water, lunch, a river guide, and bus transportation from Grand Canyon National Park Airport to Glen Canyon Dam -- the starting point of the river portion of the trip. The bus will also take you back to the airfield after your float tour is over.A lot of people choose the tour package that includes a plane ride to Page, Arizona and a 4x4 trip to Antelope Canyon (famous for its slot canyons) before going to Glen Canyon Dam for the river portion. It's a terrific experience and I highly recommend it. The side trip to Antelope Canyon is wonderful, and the views from the air are truly spectacular.You'll see plenty of wildlife on a canyon rafting tour. You can bring children four years old and older, so it is a trip the entire family can enjoy and talk about for years to come. Bring your camera so you can take lots of pictures of your trip. The pictures will bring back wonderful memories of your family vacation to one of the most amazing places on earth.You're not required to wear a life vest, but don't take any chances. It is best to be safe and wear one even if you never need it. Protect yourself with sunscreen and lip balm, wear sunglasses and a hat; it is also a good idea to bring salty snacks and drinking water. Wear sport sandals and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt. You may want to bring along an extra set of clothes in a waterproof bag. The bus trip back takes a couple of hours and you will be much more comfortable if you are not wearing wet clothes.You'll definitely want to book your tour in advance, but I also strongly urge you to book it online. You will find some great deals on Grand Canyon rafting trips on the internet. The internet specials are only valid if you book and pay for your trip online. You can pay for your tickets by phone, but you will have to pay more. When you purchase your trip tickets online, you can save enough money to buy a Native American craft souvenir from the Cameron Trading Post when your boat trip is over.

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