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Bangalore is one of the metropolitan cities of India. It serves as the capital city of the karnataka state. The city was founded by Kempe Gowda in 16th century. It is said that the city got its name from the phrase Bende Kaali Ooru which means the place of boiled beans. There is an interesting story behind this name. During the reign of Hoysala dynasty,Guest Posting in 12th century AD, King Veera Ballala went on a hunting trip. An old lady gave some boiled beans to the tired king. Bende Kali means boiled beans and Ooru refers to place or town. Thus the city got its name. Until 1024 C.E, the location was ruled over by Gangavadi of Ganga Kingdom and in 1024 C.E. Cholas captured it. It went into the hands of the Hoysalas in 1117 C.E. The Bangalore of modern day was founded by Kempe Gowda the First by the construction of the mud fort in 1537. Many buildings were built during his time. He built four watch towers in Lal Bagh, near Kempambudhi tank, near Ulsoor Lake and near Mekhri Circle. Shahaji Bhonsle the general of Sultan of Bijapur captured the town in 1638. Thus it came under the Mughal rule. The Mughals gave it to the ruler of Mysore, Chikkadevaraja Wodeyar on lease in 1689. Haider Ali worked as the Commander in Chief of the Wodeyars in 1759. His son Tipu Sultan found out that the Wodeyars were weak and announced him as the Sultan. During the reign of Tipu Sultan, the place saw growth in economical lines. Trade flourished with other countries of the world. British were trying to seize the place and waged war with Tipu Sultan. Though Tipu was able to tackle the first three Anglo Mysore Wars, he was killed in the fourth war. Wodeyars were then made as the rulers of Mysore and Bangalore.There was acute water shortage in the city and chain of tanks was built in 1873 to overcome the same. Plague epidemic broke out in 1898 taking huge toll. As a result of this the sanitation of Banglore was improved by appointing a health officer. Victoria Hospital was established by Lord Curzon in 1900. The first electric lamp in Asia was lit in 1906 powered by hydroelectric plant. Many modern facilities including postal service, telegraph service and the departments of railways and police were introduced during the time of British rule. Cubbon Park was built in 1864 by Sankey. The first flight flew between Bangalore and Bombay in 1940. After the independence of India, Bangalore was made as the capital of the Karnataka state. The famous newspaper Deccan Herald was started in 1948. The seat of Karnataka’s legislative assembly Vidhan Soudha was built in 1958. It became the sixth largest city in India in 1961. The first multinational corporation, Texas Instruments was set up in 1985 in Bangalore and since then the city saw major developments. Many IT companies and other multinational companies were established here. It became the favorite destination of information technology companies in India. The city of Bangalore was officially renamed as Bengalooru in 2006. The Bangalore photos and Bangalore videos show the beauty of this Garden City.

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