Holidays in Croatia - Every Tourist's Delight

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Croatia is an ecstatic holiday destination for those looking for deep blue waters, beaches, sun and sand, museums, architectural buildings, historical sights and great culture.

Located in Southern Europe,Guest Posting Croatia, with its magnificent stretch of Adriatic shoreline, is considered as one of the most stunning parts of Europe. Rich in its history and culture, Croatia has a blooming tourist industry with amazing historical places to visit.

Here are some of the best places to visit when holidaying in Croatia.


Situated at the Medvedgard Mountain, Medvednica is a well kept fortress and an attractive tourist attraction drawing many tourists and visitors on a holiday in Croatia. Those on a Croatian holiday should visit this place for the breathtaking and majestic sights and views offered.

Muzej Museum

This tourist attraction is situated in a notable Croatian city called Zagreb and offers magnificent artwork of eminent artists, such as Van Dyck, Lorenzetti, Renoir and many others. Many tourists and visitors on their Croatian holiday find time to see its prehistoric exhibits and paintings.

Cathedral of assumption of the Virgin Mary

Situated in Dubrovnik, this tourist attraction is a cathedral and is often visited by many tourists and visitors. When on a holiday in Croatia, surely visit this beautiful structure and experience the ancient feel of Croatia.

Archaeological Museum of Split

This is the oldest museum in Croatia and displays some really old and amazing artifacts. This tourist attraction is often crowded with tourists and visitors trying to experience objects of the time when Greeks colonized the Adriatic and artifacts that belong to the prehistoric period, along with Greek and roman artifacts.

Diocletian palace

When on a holiday in Croatia, you must visit this tourist attraction. From various historical and old buildings to well kept architecture, the place is often attracting lots of tourists and visitors.


This Croatian region is a perfect way to cherish Croatian holiday with its sparkling beaches, coastline, historical sites, mountain ranges and parks. This part of Croatia is a delightful location surrounded with water and breathtaking beauty.

Croatian island

Croatia's coast has 1185 beautiful islands offering the best in water activities, sports, sun and sand along with lots of relaxing moments. Some of the remarkable islands to be visited during a Croatian holiday are Mljet Island, Korcula Island, Hvar Island, Brac Island, Vis Island, Dugi Otok, Pag Island, Cres & Losinj Islands, Rab Island and Krk Island.

Best time to holiday in Croatia

The peak season for a great Croatian holiday is between July and August, but if you want to avoid any rush in your holiday its better to visit during May, June or September.

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